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Popular open house items

Door hangers:
rsopenhouseOpen House
Let prospective buyers know they can come right in:
Side 1: “Open House Please Come In”
Side 2: “Open House Please Come In and Remove Your Shoes”

75¢ ea.*


rspetsinsidePets Inside
Can be put on front door or any interior door to let REALTORS® know where pets are: “Pets Inside Please Contact Listing Agent with Any Questions”

85¢ ea.*




Courtesy signs:
Please Remove Your Shoes
Next Showing in 5 Minutes (reverse) Next Showing in 15 Minutes

Corrugated plastic, upright teepee. Perfect in wet/snowy weather to protect your homeowner’s flooring.

$2.70 ea.*



Tent card, reversible

$2.45 ea.*


Please Leave Your Cardrsleaveyourcard

4”w x 5”h, plastic, desk top
courtesy sign

$3.90 ea.*


rsguestregisterGuest Register

Pad of 25 sheets

$1.15 ea.*



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