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Master Lock lockboxes – with weather covers to protect from rain and snow!


Members are reminded to be particularly vigilant in the use of their lockboxes.

The lockboxes are an important tool to your industry – practice the following measures at all times:

  1. When leaving a location where you have used the lockbox, insure the lockbox is locked again:  spin the dial of the dial lockbox once it is shut, and re-key the number combination on the push button style to close.
  2. Never give out a combination to someone who you are not certain is a salesperson, particularly based on a request made via cell phone.  If you are uncertain about the caller, call the salesperson back at the listing office for confirmation.

Members are reminded of “Rules and Regulations” Section 2 – MLS® Listings, Sub-section 2.17

Members shall ensure that lock boxes installed on each of their listings are set with a unique code for the security of their Seller’s property.  Further, members shall change the lock box combinations, as required during the course of the listing to maintain reasonable security, and not use any preset manufacturer’s code.

Fines of $50 for the first offence and $200 for a second offence will be levied against members found to be in breach of this policy.

Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
T.: 905.529.5979 F.: 905.529.7109 E.: realtyshoppe@rahb.ca
* All applicable taxes are extra. Prices subject to change.