The RealTrack service is available for all members’ use in the RAHB Resource Centre. 

What is RealTrack?

RealTrack is a licenced database for searching commercial real estate transactions of $500,000 and over, for properties located in Ontario.  Compiled from land title documents, telephone interviews, site visits and other sources, RealTrack collects, confirms and publishes the information of over 93,000 property transfers dating back to 1996.  The database grows at a rate of 100-150 new transactions every week.

Property information includes:

  • address/location
  • transfer date
  • consideration details (cash and assumed/vtb debt)
  • party contact information
  • street level and aerial photos (with site boundaries)
  • dynamic maps
  • property descriptions including type, size and number of units
  • description of site boundaries
  • financing details
  • broker/agent contact information

Access to RealTrack in the RAHB Resource Centre is by chance or by appointment (one user session at a time).  Contact Kathy ( or Nancy ( to reserve your time today!