Investing in the next generation


The Karan Barker Scholarship Fund was introduced in 2000 as a way to honour the significant and ongoing contributions of Karan Barker, RAHB’s Executive Officer at the time, and to help the children and grandchildren of RAHB members and staff pay for their secondary education.

That same year, a task force, which included Karan, was set up to develop criteria and eligibility requirements for scholarship applicants. A fundraising effort was also begun, and by the end of the year, over $1,100 was in the fund. The goal was to
eventually raise $100,000.

Sadly, Karan Barker passed away in February of 2001. By November of that year, the fund nearly reached its $100,000 goal thanks to gifts from more than 120 donors, with many of the donations made in Karan’s memory. The first scholarship was awarded at the end of 2001, to Abbie Howdon, daughter of Ron Howden (now of Chase Realty Inc.).

Since 2001, the scholarship fund has continued to grow from donations from individual member donors and from the proceeds from the RAHB annual charity golf tournament, the HBDREB income trust and staff “casual day” fund. Today, the scholarship fund is a healthy $200,000, which allows scholarships to be paid from the interest accrued.

Karan Barker Scholarships are presented annually at the RAHB Annual Election Meeting. To date, $86,500 has been invested in 65 students.

The Karan Barker Scholarship application is now available – see page 15 for a link to the application form and find complete details for submitting an application on the form.

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

Applications for the 2017 Karan Barker Scholarships are now available!

Next time you are at the RAHB office, check the donor and recipient wall opposite the members’ resource centre on the main floor!

Does your daughter or son – or granddaughter or grandson – qualify for a Karan Barker Scholarship?

Does she or he

1. Attend, or have an acceptance to attend, university or community college?
2. Demonstrate academic excellence? Get involved in school activities or the community?
3. Show maturity, initiative and/or strength of character?

If this sounds like your child, have them complete an application for a 2017 Karan Barker Scholarship!

Download the 2017 scholarship application from REALTOR Link® (look under the Forms and Member Changes tab) or here.

Application deadline is Friday, August 11, 2017.