On October 30, at the General Issue Committee Meeting where the budget was being discussed, Mayor Fred Eisenberger brought up the possibility of implementing a Municipal Land Transfer Tax (MLTT) in Hamilton. Discussion was had both against and in favour of the MLTT. Mike Zegarac, General Manager of Finance & Corporate Services at the City of Hamilton, informed the councillors that they cannot simply implement such a tax or revenue generating measure – they would first need to approach the provincial government to gain approval for such a tax collection.

As you may know, the provincial government under Doug Ford rejected York Region’s plan to implement a MLTT this time last year – essentially setting precedent in the matter.

A vote was held at the meeting to inquire with the province about a possible MLTT. The exact wording of the motion was:

“We direct our staff to ask the province if the revenue tools that Toronto was given are available to other municipalities, including Hamilton.”

This motion was voted down 7 to 6 votes. Below are the councillors who voted in favour and against the motion.

Voted in Favour of Investigating the MLTT Voted Against
Mayor Fred Eisenberger Ward 2 – Jason Farr
Ward 1 – Maureen Wilson Ward 5 – Chad Collins
Ward 2 – Nrinder Nann Ward 6 – Tom Jackson
Ward 4 – Sam Merulla Ward 7 – Esther Pauls
Ward 8 – John-Paul Danko Ward 9 – Brad Clark
Ward Ward 11 – Brenda Johnson Ward 10 – Maria Pearson
  Ward 13 – Arlene VanderBeek

RAHB will continue to monitor this issue, and will advocate against such a measure should the discussion at City Hall move forward. We would also work with our partners at OREA and the provincial government for support, as well as the public – as we know, this is not a popular issue with Hamiltonians.

If you have any questions, please contact Wendy in the RAHB office at wendys@rahb.ca.