Open Signs Realty Shoppe

3D Sign Savers (Made of PVC type material, printed on both sides, 12” w X 4 ½” h with a ½” opening. Durable in both hot and cold weather conditions. – $9.35 each)

Door Hangers Realty Shoppe

Door hangers (4” w X 8” h, printed on sturdy plastic to weather the elements. These bring attention to those important messages you would like your customers to see. – $5.20 each)

Door Hangers 2 Realty Shoppe

Open House Door Hangers (Let prospective buyers know they can come right in: Side 1: “Open House Please Come In” Side 2: “Open House Please Come In and Remove Your Shoes” – $1 each) Pets Inside Door Hangers (Can be put on front door or any interior door to let REALTORS® know where pets are: “Pets Inside Please Contact Listing Agent with Any Questions” – $1 each)


Save the Date!

The Realty Shoppe is celebrating 25 years of providing “All things REALTOR®” to our valued customers! Please plan to visit the Shoppe on Wednesday, July 26, 2017 to celebrate with us and enjoy light refreshments, giveaways, discounts and a draw for our anniversary gift basket. See you there!


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