Sophie Salesperson got off the phone after a heated conversation with Mary, who was new to the real estate business and worked for a different Brokerage.  Sophie had been dealing with Mary over the last several weeks and they just did not see eye to eye.  Mary had proven to be very aggressive when things did not go her way, and seemed determined that Sophie was now her enemy.

Sophie had to put her annoyance at Mary aside, however, as she was running a bit late and had to get to the public open house on her newest listing.

As bad luck would have it, Mary showed up at the open house, along with her buyer.   Mary immediately went on the attack.  Sophie tried to take the high road – she moved to an adjoining room in the house, hoping that Mary and her client would leave soon.

Mary, however, was determined to have the last word and she followed close behind Sophie.  The open house was busy and people were well within hearing range.  Sophie finally had enough and politely asked Mary to quickly show the property to her buyer and leave.   Mary complied but, as she was leaving, said very loudly for all to hear,  ”I wouldn’t buy anything from this person –  she doesn’t know what she’s doing” and then she marched out.   Sophie was very embarrassed, and those at the open house looked embarrassed at having had to listen to the exchange.

Is there anything Sophie can do about Mary?