In the day to day dealings of the real estate world, the real estate professional is busy juggling clients, meeting deadlines, attending appointments and meetings and more. With so much going on, the real estate professional may at times forget the golden rule: “Do unto to others as you would have them do onto to you.”

The Golden Rule is the basis of CREA’s REALTOR® Code and sums up the way members should be treating their clients, their colleagues and all others involved in a real estate transaction.

We have been receiving calls from members pointing out how lax other members are with respect to courtesy.  Examples we have been given suggest some members may poke and prod behind walls, curtains and closets; do not take off their shoes at showings and may possibly be causing damage to the property.  Other instances suggest that members aren’t cancelling appointments until well after the time the appointment should have started and the seller is already out of the house.

When you are showing a property, make sure you leave it the way you found it.  If you open a cupboard or closet door; close it; turn off the lights and lock the door.  Leave your business card to let the seller know you were in the house.  If you notice some damage, let the listing salesperson know in case the damage is new.  When you are cancelling an appointment, notify the listing salesperson as soon as possible so he or she has a chance to alert the seller and avoid having them vacate their home for naught.  By following the Golden Rule, you show respect to the homeowner and to each other.

As a REALTOR, you have a duty to uphold and abide by the REALTOR® Code of Ethics.  Here’s a reminder of what it’s all about.

REALTOR RThe exclusive designation for a member of The Canadian Real Estate Association is the trademark REALTOR®. It symbolizes a commitment to competence, service and professional conduct.

In the quest for these high standards, REALTORS® in Canada have been bound together by a Code of Ethics since 1959.

As REALTORS®, we accept a personal obligation to the public and to our profession. The Code of Ethics of The Canadian Real Estate Association embodies these obligations. As REALTORS®, we are committed to:

• Professional competent service

• Absolute honesty and integrity in business dealings

• Co-operation with and fairness to all

• Personal accountability through compliance with CREA’s Standards of Business Practice

To meet their obligations, REALTORS® pledge to observe the spirit of the Code in all their activities and conduct their business in accordance with the Standards of Business Practice and the Golden Rule – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

– from the REALTOR® Code of Ethics