GeorgeRAHB’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on March 23 as part of REALTOR® CONNECTIONS.  Thank you to the 445 members who came out and made it such a great meeting.

For those of you who don’t know, RAHB’s Bylaws require the AGM include the presentation of the previous year’s audited financial statements, the appointment of the auditor for the current year, and an MLS® report.  Traditionally, RAHB has also included a brief look at the strategic initiatives for the coming year.

At this year’s meeting, RAHB President Kim Alvarez gave a high level look at the Association’s strategic imperatives developed to ensure your Association remains relevant and addresses your needs in a fast- and ever-changing environment.

RAHB Audit Chair Lou Piriano presented the audited financial statements, which had been made available through a link in the Annual Report emailed to all members on March 11.  He explained the factors that led to the year-end results, and recommended adoption of the audited statements as well as the appointment of Deloitte LLP as auditors for 2016, both adopted by majority vote.

I had the pleasure of providing an update on Matrix and the regional MLS® initiative.  I know Matrix has been a long time coming, and members are looking for information about when we will be going fully live. Remember you can now search for all regional listings within Matrix.  Thank you for all the great questions at the meeting; I think we all have a better understanding now of the scope of the issues surrounding this important project.

For more details about what transpired at the meeting, please read the synopsis on page 6 of this issue of REALINFO.

Over the next few issues of REALINFO, I will be talking more about RAHB’s strategic initiatives that Kim spoke about at the AGM.   The directors and staff have developed a completely member-centric mandate which we refer to as Member Development, Service, Engagement and Enablement, or MDSEE for short.  It’s quite exciting, as MDSEE focuses strictly on members and their needs.  I am looking forward to telling you more about it over the next few months.