Did you know ….
The City of Hamilton offers a number of financial incentives for property owners, developers and, in some cases, tenants to help offset costs of redevelopment, conversions and other improvements to brownfields, heritage structures, buildings and properties located within particular areas of the city.

The programs available are:

  • Development Charges (offered exclusively in downtown Hamilton)
  • Hamilton Downtown, Barton and Kenilworth Multi-Residential Property Investment Program
  • Barton and Kenilworth Rebate of some planning and building fees
  • Barton/Kenilworth Tax Increment Grant program
  • Barton/Kenilworth Commercial Corridor Building Improvement Grant program
  • Hamilton Tax Increment Grant program
  • Office Tenancy Assistance program
  • Commercial Corridor Housing Loan and Grant program
  • Commercial Property Improvement Grant program
  • Hamilton Heritage Property Grant Program
  • Hamilton Community Heritage Fund Loan program
  • BIA Commercial Property Improvement Grant program

Hamilton also offers several environmental programs under the Environmental Remediation and Site Enhancement (ERASE) Community Improvement Plan.  These programs are designed to encourage and promote brownfield redevelopment.  Most ERASE programs are available throughout the City of Hamilton.

  • ERASE Redevelopment Grant (ERG) program
  • Development Charge Reduction Option
  • ERASE Tax Assistance program
  • ERASE Municipal Acquisition and Partnership program
  • ERASE Study Grant program
  • LEED Grant program
  • Downtown Hamilton/West Harbourfront Remediation Loan program

For complete details about these programs, check out Hamilton Economic Development’s website at www.investinhamilton.ca.