Welcome New Members!

We extend a warm welcome to RAHB’s newest members who joined our association between January 29 – February 25, 2020!

Lori Dietrich
Apex Results Realty

Nikola Pijanovic
Century 21 Insight Realty Group

Joshua Boonstra
Chase Realty Inc.

Pooja Niranjan
Davenport Realty

Marten Leclerc
Heritage Realty Inc.

Wanda Balogh
Montana Collina
Vicki Eterno
Bronwyn Gent
Brady Richards
Keller Williams Complete Realty

Carolyn Cestnick
Gabriela Gonzales
Dustin Sidhu
Stephanie Sparks
Keller Williams Edge Realty

Martin Smith
One Percent Realty Ltd.

Alex Oakes
Vicki Singh
Sher Tyler
RE/MAX Escarpment Realty Inc.

Hassan Jamil
RE/MAX Escarpment Frank Realty

Jon Machado
RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc.

Jennifer Gula
Melisa Stewart
Right At Home Realty

Arsaln Lodhi
Hamza Mirza
Royal LePage Macro Realty

Grace Vandervelde
Royal LePage NRC Realty Inc.

Alla Tsvelyuk
Royal LePage Signature Realty Inc.

Andrea De Belley
Sutton Group About Town Realty Inc.

Austin Falk
Zoocasa Realty Inc.

Gala Service Awards and Volunteer of the Year

On January 18, RAHB hosted the Annual Awards and Appreciation Gala, where our volunteers were recognized as well as 25, 40 and 50 year members.

The Volunteer of the Year award was also given to Donna Bacher, our President Elect!

25 Year – 1994

Jack Aquino
Dana Borkovich
Paul Busnello
Kim Condari
Ken Cook
Rick Ferroni
Barry Fraser
J. Allan Freeman
John D. Fumio
John Graham
Barbara Hurst
Debbie Kennedy
Pat Loranger
Paula Mahony
Norm Merz
Robert Miles
Fred Moodie
Les Myers
Margaret Niburski
Waldemar Niburski
Margo Nichols
Anna Powell
E. Wayne Quirk
Patricia Rende
Dave Van Leeuwen
Peter Vandendool
Brenda Walker
Mark Zizzo

40 Year – 1979

Mark Biehler
Anne Cecil
Linda Davies
Josie DiBacco
Chris Diliberto
Anthony Hozjan
David Jarvis
Stanley Jugovic
Donna Lavin
Kimberley Leone
Isaac Phillips
John Pocsai
Robin St. Jean
Geoffrey Walker

50 Year – 1969

Ken Gies
Don Inglehart
Ralph Musitano

Data Integrity

RAHB staff have reported receiving a significant number of requests to change listing data after a listing status has changed from “active” to “sold”, “expired” or “cancelled”. The MLS® Committee is currently reviewing this practice and will continue to examine in 2020.

Additionally it was recently reported to RAHB, that REALTORS® from the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) have been removing photos, room sizes, and data in both the REALTOR® and Client remarks.  The reason provided was the public’s concerns with privacy, which has lead to an increase in photo and data-stripping.

As this practice may affect the integrity of the listing data their members rely on, the Toronto Real Estate Board released the following communication to their members on September 27, 2019:

January 2020, TREB posted an updated communication surrounding photos and data striping from TREB’s MLS® system listings advising the following:


“The Board of Directors have further decided that Listing Brokerages who remove listing information shall be required to restore the listing content at the Board’s discretion and that a $250.00 listing restoration administrative fee will be issued to the Listing Brokerage, per MLS® System number, alongside notice of a Professional Standards complaint.”

Ensuring the integrity of the listing data you reply on is important to RAHB. Currently RAHB has the following MLS® Rules & Regulations and MLS® policies that deal with copying photos, and the display of listing data as follows:

RAHB’s Rules and Regulations, Section 7 – MLS® Data and Other Board Publications, sub-section 7.03, (a), (b) and (c):

7.03     The Members shall advise and obtain their Client’s authorization that:

(a) all information concerning this Client’s Listing and the Listing Agreement, the properties affected thereby and the transactions there under shall be made available not only to all other Members and their respective Clients, but also third party users authorized by the Association;

(b) the Association may, at its option, advertise in any medium, including the Internet, any properties listed on the Association’s MLS® System; and

(c) the Association may compile, retain and distribute the Listing information indefinitely and may compile, retain and publish any statistical analyses including historical MLS® Data based on such information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the MLS® Help Desk at 905.667.4650 or e-mail support@rahb.ca.

Commission Claw Backs

Commission claw back clauses on listings are perfectly acceptable, provided the commission in the Co-operating Brokerage Commission section of the Property Information Form is the same as the commission on the Listing Agreement, and both documents are signed and dated by the Seller.

Commission claw back clauses cannot be added to the Commission to Co-operating Brokerage section of the Property Information Form, or to an additional schedule, if they are different than what is on the signed Listing Agreement. By ensuring that the commission to the Co-operating Brokerage is the same on the Listing Agreement,  and Property Information Form, or any Schedule to the Listing Agreement, you will be complying with Sections 38 and 39 of the RECO Code of Ethics.

If you are changing commission to the Co-operating Brokerage Commission, after the Seller has signed the original Listing Agreement and Property Information Form, you must ensure you complete either the Amendment to the Listing Agreement Form or OREA’s Form #244 “Seller’s Direction re: Property/Offers”, detailing the changes to the commission, both of which are to be signed and dated by the Seller.

If you wish to file a formal complaint, please send your complaint in writing to Angela McArthur, care of the Professional Standards Committee at angelam@rahb.ca

WEBForms® Status Hub

Please note that this message is sent on behalf of CREA. All comments will be directed to RAHB staff. To message CREA please e-mail support@crea.ca or call 1-888-237-7945

CREA and Lone Wolf Technologies, want to apologize for the inconvenience and consequent stress the WEBForms® transition has caused. CREA acknowledges the launch of WEBForms® has made the platform difficult for members to use and negatively impacted REALTORS®’ ability to conduct business.

CREA is actively working to resolve these issues and to improve this multi-faceted platform so WEBForms® becomes a product members can trust and depend on.

CREA wants to be more transparent about the status of specific fixes and adjustments they are working on. With this in mind, they have created the WEBForms® Status Hub to provide updates on the solutions and improvements in progress. This hub will also show past solutions and improvements that have been implemented already.

Click the button below to stay up to date on WEBForms® issue resolutions and upcoming improvements.

WEBForms® Status Hubs

CREA encourages you to bookmark this page as it will be updated regularly with the status of these fixes.

CREA thanks you for your patience.

Questions? Contact Member Support

If you have any questions, you can reach CREA WEBForms® support team by emailing support@crea.ca or by calling at 1-888-237-7945. The CREA WEBForms® Member Support hours have also been extended to the following times:

Monday to Friday—8 p.m. to midnight (EST)
Saturday and Sunday—8 a.m. to 10 p.m. (EST)

Elimination of RAHB Rule & Regulation

After a recent review of RAHB Rule & Regulation, Section 10 – Advertising, Sub-section 10.04, the MLS® Committee and Board of Directors determined that due to increases in Boards and Associations participating in the interboarding process and data sharing, the rule is no longer relevant or applicable.

Therefore Section 10 – Advertising, Sub-section 10.04 as follows has been removed from RAHB’s Rules & Regulations:

10.04 Brokerages which list real estate on the Association’s MLS® System which is not located within the jurisdiction of the Association shall not, by sign or other advertisement in that outside area, indicate that such property is listed on the MLS® system of such other jurisdiction unless the Listing has been submitted and accepted by the board or association in whose jurisdiction the property is located, or such advertisement indicates specifically that the property is listed on the Association’s MLS® System

Should you have any questions, please contact the MLS® Help Desk at 905.667.4650 or email support@rahb.ca

WebForms® Update

CREA, with their partner Lonewolf, has managed to resolve some issues that have been reported regarding WebForms®, and CREA is also aware of other issues that still need to be addressed. CREA is working diligently to roll out fixes to forms and enhancements to the software.

Fixes and changes that have been implemented to date:

  • When users are adding clauses to certain forms, the software now accommodates the overflow text by automatically adding pages as required at the bottom of the form;
    • Some users reported receiving an error message when they entered an MLS® number, meaning certain listings weren’t being found by the system for auto-population into forms. CREA has made some programming adjustments so that members won’t be met with the same error going forward;
  • The system disabled out-of-date forms within templates to protect the user from creating a transaction with an out-of-date form. Unfortunately, this meant that users had to remove the disabled form, replace it with the new version and reinsert their clauses. This functionality was changed, and new forms will now automatically replace the old versions within user templates while retaining the content the user had saved in the old version of the form;
  • CREA has made hundreds of adjustments to various forms across the country with respect to both formatting and auto-population based on user feedback.

Thanks to feedback from across the country, there is a list of software enhancements that CREA is working on with Lonewolf, such as:

    • No longer automatically increasing font sizes when printing or e-mailing documents. However, when necessary, the software will continue to shrink fonts to not lose any content (Legacy WEBForms® would simply truncate the text, leaving content out of documents);
  • The Form Editor will be enhanced, making it easier to insert clauses throughout your documents, and provide a more seamless flow between pages;
  • Users will be able to download editable forms, and with their own editor tool they will have the ability to edit the forms offline;
    • The Clause Manager tool will be overhauled to include features such as the ability to insert date and time pickers directly into the clauses, as well as other improvements to the formatting capabilities;
  • The User Interface itself will see some changes to improve the intuitiveness of the icons and the general workflow.

Please continue to let CREA know when you encounter challenges or issues with the new CREA WEBForms®. CREA’s Members Support Centre can bereached by phone at 1-888-237-7945 or by e-mailing support@crea.ca.

CREA provides WEBForms® support until Midnight EST on weekdays, and until 10 p.m. EST on weekends.

Welcome New Members

We extend a warm welcome to RAHB’s newest members who joined our association between January 1 and January 28, 2020!

Rick Bardaro
Rose Gonzalez
Century 21 Dreams Inc.

Val Petrov
EXP Realty of Canada Inc.

Promil Mann
Royal LePage Macro Realty

Bard Talya
Keller Williams Edge Realty

Mandeep Bhathal
LEADEX Realty Inc.

Dane Broomfield
RE/MAX Escarpment Frank Realty

Nicole Garbin
RE/MAX Escarpment Golfi Realty

Jacqueline Vincent-Gilmore
RE/MAX Escarpment Realty Inc.

Kate Laslo
RE/MAX Garden City Realty Inc.

Nazar Hameed
Raveen Trehan
RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc.

Katherine Babony
Kyle Rotterman
Right At Home Realty Inc

Alex Gramata
Michelle Smith
Royal LePage Burloak Real Estate Services

Rosey Bahra
Royal LePage State Realty Inc.

Steven Johnston
Julie Martin
Zoocasa Realty Inc.


Fine Increase – MLS® Policy Photos/ Images #4

A review of MLS® Policy Photos/ Images #4 was recently conducted due to members continuing to use other member’s photos, without obtaining written permission; as per the policy.

Following the review the Board of Directors approved an increase in the fine amount for RAHB MLS® Policy, Photos/ Images #4, from $50 to $250 as follows:

RAHB MLS® Policy – Photo/ Images

4.       If a member is using another members’ previous listing photo on a listing without written permission, the photos will be removed, the status will be changed to information withheld until a new photo is provided, and a $250 fine will be levied to the member.

If you would like to use another member’s previous listing photos, you are required to obtain written permission from the previous listing Brokerage and/ or listing salesperson. Should MLS® staff be notified and verify that a member has used another member’s listing photos without written permission, an automatic $250 fine will be levied to the member.

Should you have any questions, please contact the MLS® Help Desk at 905.667.4650 or support@rahb.ca

Cumulative Days on Market (CDOM) Update

CREA WebForms® Issues – Update

PLEASE NOTE: This message is posted by RAHB on behalf of CREA. The comments are monitored by RAHB staff and if you have any feedback for CREA you can reach them at support@crea.ca or      1-888-237-7945

CREA has two new updates about WEBForms®.

1) “Add page” function working 

CREA WEBForms® experienced a technical issue last weekend with some of the new 2020 Ontario forms. When the “Add page” function was selected, the content of the form was removed when the form reloaded. This issue was resolved Monday, January 6, and content now remains when a new page is added to a form.

2) Old Ontario forms replaced

With the release of the new 2020 Ontario forms previous versions of those forms were removed from any existing templates that had been created. In the past, users would have had to manually replace any forms that have been updated and redo any content they had entered in the old version of those forms.

CREA is currently working through the revised list of forms and are automatically replacing them while retaining the previous content in your templates.

While CREA continues to prioritize forms by popularity and those requiring additional user-entered content (for example, Form 100), 20 of the most popular forms have been replaced.

CREA will continue to automatically replace the old versions of the forms within your templates over the next couple of weeks. If you find old versions of forms within your templates are no longer available when you create a transaction you can still manually add the new version of the form you require to your transaction.

Moving forward, anytime a new version of a form is released, that new version will automatically be replaced within a template and will retain any information the user had included in the previous version of the form.

CREA apologizes for the challenges this created over the last few days when working on contracts with your clients and other team members.

Thank you for your patience and ongoing support as CREA work through the growing pains of a new system. Please continue to let CREA know when you encounter challenges with the new CREA WEBForms®.

If you have any questions, CREA Member Support Team is here to help. You can reach them by email at support@crea.ca or by phone at 1-888-237-7945.

CREA WEBForms® Member Support extended hours:
Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. (EST)
Saturday and Sunday: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. (EST)