New RAHB Statistics Packages – Including CREA’s Home Price Index (HPI)

New RAHB Statistics Packages will be coming in October for the September 2018 data – and it will include CREA’s Home Price Index (HPI)

Over the past several months, RAHB has been investigating ways to update the statistics packages we provide to members and the public each month. Through much research and consultation, RAHB will be releasing a new statistics package in October for the September data. This new package is more comprehensive, and includes CREA’s Home Price Index (HPI) and additional resources.

Please see below for a listing of the new items found within the RAHB member statistics packages. Links are provided to the updated documents (with August data), and where links are not provided they will be a part of the new packages starting in October. These items with August data are for you to become better acquainted with the new packages, and are not meant for distribution.

*Please note that the HPI reports are quite lengthy, should you want to print them.

New RAHB Market Statistics Reports

Entire RAHB Area


Niagara North


What is the Same and What is New with RAHB’s Monthly Market Statistics Reports?

What’s the Same? What is New?
Release statistics reports to members and the media on the 3rd business day of the month. Data is pulled on the 1st business day of the month.
Very similar data/statistics reported within the RAHB tables and charts (i.e. Average/Median Sale Price, # of Listings, Days on Market, etc.). The data in previous reports was by sales/listings by RAHB members. The data will now include RAHB member and non-RAHB member data, and be tailored specific to the four main areas within our market – Burlington, Hamilton, Haldimand and Niagara North.
We will continue to provide a geographic map of the RAHB market area with average sale prices and number of sales. Some geographic properties have been added to the map (i.e. lakes, major highways, escarpment), and we will also now include separate maps for the four main areas within our market – Burlington, Hamilton, Haldimand and Niagara North.
We will continue to provide charts with commercial information. We have broken down the commercial data by the four major areas within our market, and added “sales volume” to the list.
We will now be providing Home Price Index (HPI) reports, tailored for the four major areas within our market.
Members will still have access to Matrix/SIM to pull and tailor data for your needs. Members will now have access to CREA’s HPI tool, Tableau (more information below), which will allow members to pull trends and data for specific sub-neighbourhoods throughout our market.
We will begin reporting weekly statistics on News & Alerts (Matrix) every Wednesday. These stats will cover the four major areas of our market and include: Residential New Listings, Residential Sold, Residential Average Price, Commercial New Listings and Commercial Sold.

Weekly Statistical Reporting

In addition to the above documents and resources, we will be providing weekly statistics updates via Matrix/News & Alerts, so please watch out for this information.

CREA’s HPI – What is it?

Developed using data from the Multiple Listing Service®, the MLS® Home Price Index (HPI) allows you to see trends in home prices for a specific type of house in a given neighbourhood.

Combined with your knowledge, experience and skills as a REALTOR®, the HPI will help your clients better understand these trends — and how they can affect the market value of your client’s home.

More importantly, though, it helps your clients approach one of life’s most important decisions — buying or selling a home — with greater confidence.

And Gregory Klump, CREA’s Chief Economist, will be at ProDev+ on Sepember 25 presenting the HPI and Tableau to members – so don’t miss it!

More Info on ProDev+

For more information on CREA’s Home Price Index (HPI) please visit

CREA’s HPI Tool – Tableau

Use Tableau

For more information on how to use the HPI Tool, please visit

We Want to Hear From You!

Although we have updated the monthly RAHB statistics packages and included CREA’s HPI, the way we provide our members with valuable data is never final. We encourage questions and feedback from all RAHB members about the new statistics packages and CREA’s HPI so we can continually work to enhance the resources RAHB REALTORS® have. Please click below and submit your questions and feedback. Thank you in advance.

Please Submit Your Questions and Feedback

Thank you to the RAHB Statistics Task Force and to the RAHB members who took the time to complete the RAHB statistics survey in July. Your input helped guide these updates.

Additional Resources

Broker of Record / Manager Meeting Update – September 19, 2018

On September 19, 2018 a Broker of Record / Manager meeting was held at McMaster Innovation Park. With 33 people in attendance, there were several engaging and informative discussions that took place, and below is a summary of the topics discussed:


VOW / Competition Bureau Ruling with Respect to TREB
On August 23, 2018 the Supreme Court of Canada dismissed TREB’s application to appeal the Competition Tribunal’s ruling that TREB abused its dominant position. Real estate boards and associations that currently have a Virtual Office Website (VOW) data feed, or are considering implementing one (as RAHB currently is) are expected to follow the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada and the Competition Tribunal with respect to making “Disputed Data” available for members who wish to implement password protected virtual office websites.

RAHB informed the Brokers / Managers of the details of the case, provided a brief overview of the history, and discussions were had about RAHB actions moving forward. For information, please visit the RAHB Blog at


New RAHB Market Statistics Report
Brokers / Managers were presented with an overview of the new RAHB market statistics packages that will be officially launched on October 3 for the September data release. The new reports will have data broken down into the four main areas of RAHB – Burlington, Haldimand, Hamilton and Niagara North – and include CREA’s Home Price Index (HPI) data. A sample of this report will be sent to all members via e-mail prior to the official launch. Feedback on the new package is welcomed.
Discussions took place regarding Zillow beginning to enter the real estate market in Canada
, expected to be in 2019. The Directors are encouraging CREA to provide the appropriate resources to ensure remains the dominant platform for REALTORS® in Canada.

A question raised was: What is CREA doing on behalf of its members to maintain/upgrade It was suggested that a town hall meeting with CREA and RAHB members take place to discuss the wants/needs of our members could be beneficial. RAHB is looking to make this happen and will inform members of any developments on this.


RAHB Education
Two areas of concern were identified for further investigation:

  • The process to determine and approve courses/speakers offered by RAHB.
  • The pricing model for RAHB education courses.

It was agreed that we want to maintain the highest quality of courses being offered to members. RAHB staff will investigate the above two priorities, and any changes or updates to RAHB education will be communicated to all members.


RAHB Service Awards
RAHB Services Awards Committee Chair, Bruce Moran, highlighted the three service awards available and encouraged members to nominate any qualified candidates. Nominations are currently open and forms can be found on the RAHB website at Bruce also emphasized that nominations are judged on strict criteria, and so extensive details included within each nomination enhance a nominee’s probability of winning.


Professionalism and REALTOR® Reputation
An open discussion item was brought forth focusing on ensuring professionalism in real estate to enhance the reputation of REALTORS®. RAHB currently has a task force working on this specific issue, and as new items evolve they will be continually addressed.


Mandatory Membership within RAHB
The question was raised as to why a brokerage is mandated to hold a RAHB membership for its REALTORS® if the majority of the REALTORS® in that office do not conduct business within RAHB’s market/catchment. RAHB will investigate this rule further and determine its continued relevance.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above topics/discussions, please contact Carolyn in the RAHB office 905.529.8101 x236, or via e-mail at

New RAHB Statistics Packages and CREA Home Price Index (HPI)

Thank you to members for your participation in our statistics survey! We gained wonderful and useful insight into what works well and what needs improvement for our monthly statistics release.

We are planning some changes based on the feedback from the survey, as well as from the Statistics Task Force, for the stats release in September (for August statistics). Be sure to stay tuned for more information on the upcoming changes and addition of helpful resources. The winner of the draw from the Statistics Survey will be announced next week

Brokers of Record / Managers Meeting Update

On June 21, 2018 a Brokers of Record / Managers meeting was held at McMaster Innovation Park. With 31 people in attendance, there were several engaging and informative discussions that took place, and below is a summary of the topics discussed:

Electronic Lock Boxes
Nearly 600 responded to the recent RAHB survey on electronic lock boxes, and the results of the survey were split 49.7 per cent in favour, and 50.3 per cent opposed. Brokers of Record and Managers provided insightful discussion and questions surrounding professionalism, personal and property security, and usage metrics related to electronic lock boxes. No decision has been made regarding pursuing electronic lock boxes, and the CEO and Board of Directors will take the input provided into consideration as they continue their examination of electronic lockboxes.


Candidates for the Board of Directors
There are expected to be six vacancies on the Board this year. The nomination committee is working towards securing hopefully over 10-12 candidates with a blend of appropriate experience and expertise. Please be sure to review the information found within your weekly NewsReal newsletter, on News & Alerts (Matrix), and within the member Facebook group and consider applying yourself and encouraging qualified colleagues to do so.


Proper Use of Form 801
Discussions occurred that although Form 801 should be presented with an offer, it is not required in order to register an offer.


Commission Cheques to Cooperating Brokers
Discussion also occurred around RAHB Rule & Regulation Section 11 – Broker Commission, Subsection 11.07 that states any commission is due and payable to the co-operating brokerage within five (5) business days of receipt of the commission by the listing brokerage.


The Brokers and Managers also talked about advertising guidelines that fall under RECO’s mandate. Note that infractions related to the MLS® trademark fall under CREA’s jurisdiction, and if received they are dealt with promptly.


Directional Signs
A communication was sent to members on June 26, and posted on the RAHB blog at, regarding the City of Hamilton sign bylaws. Additional information and education will be provided regarding sign bylaws within the City of Burlington and outlying areas.


Data Sharing Update – Connect
As of Friday, July 13, RAHB has disabled several inactive/icons from RAHB’s Connect page as we have confirmed that several boards no longer upload their listing information into the Connect system. The move was made to ensure our members receive correct information. For full details, please visit our blog at

Please note we are in on-going discussions with each of those no longer participating to try to ensure an alternative method is put in place as soon as possible to continue sharing across the province.


Ontario Standard Lease
Discussions took place regarding the legal liability and the requirements of the Ontario Standard Lease form.  REALTORS® have a legal obligation to ensure their clients are fully protected and using the new forms.


If you have any questions regarding any of the above topics/discussions, please contact RAHB at 905.529.8101.

Changes to Connect

It has been brought to our attention that the listing data for several boards within Connect (accessed through are either not available or not correct. After looking into the issue, we confirmed that several boards no longer upload their listing information into the Connect system.



As such, in order to ensure our members receive correct information, we will be removing the inactive icons/links from Connect on Friday, July 13, 2018. We are disabling these currently outdated links to ensure our members are not accessing incorrect listing data.

The remaining participating boards that members will continue to have access to include:

  • Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB)
  • Ottawa Real Estate Board (OREB)
  • Brantford Regional Real Estate Association (BRREA)*
  • Cambridge Association of REALTORS® (CAOR)*
  • Guelph and District Association of REALTORS® (GDAR)*
  • Kitchener-Waterloo Association of REALTORS® (KWAR)*
  • Niagara Association of REALTORS® (NAR)*
  • The Oakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board (OMDREB)*
  • Simcoe and District Real Estate Board (SDREB)*
  • Barrie and District Association of REALTORS® (BDAR)*
  • Huron Perth Association of REALTORS® (HPAR)*
  • Mississauga Real Estate Board (MREB)*

*The MLS® systems of these boards are managed by ORTIS.

Note that members of the participating boards/associations will continue to have access to all RAHB listings via Connect.

Boards and associations that have participated in the Connect data share each made their own decision to do so.  Please note we are in on-going discussions with each of those no longer participating to try to ensure an alternative method is put in place as soon as possible to continue sharing across the province.

If you would like to access listing data for any of the areas not remaining current in Connect, we recommend:

  • Searching through, or
  • Contacting those boards directly

Below is a link to the contact information for the boards that will be removed as of Friday, July 13, 2018 from RAHB’s Connect page.

If you have any questions, please contact the RAHB MLS® Support Desk at 905.667.4650 or


Lunch with the President!

RAHB President Jack Loft enjoyed lunch with Ron Lewyckyj (RE/MAX Escarpment Realty Inc.). Ron mentored Jack when he entered real estate 14 years ago. Ron would like to see RECO more involved in raising the professionalism of our members, and likes that our Board is making efforts to keep members informed and involved in decision making.

For your chance to have lunch with the RAHB President, please e-mail your name to

New Official RAHB Video!

We’ve recently launched our new official RAHB video! Shot over the last year, with help and participation from several members and staff, the video showcases RAHB members and what you do. The video is below, as well as posted on our YouTube channel, Facebook pages, News & Alerts, and our website at Please share at every opportunity you can.


Thank you to everyone who had a hand in making this video. Your efforts are truly appreciated.

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Flood Victims in N.B. and B.C. Need Our Support

A message from the Canadian Real Estate Association:

Flood Victims in N.B. and B.C. Need Our Support

Imagine having to evacuate your home. Feeling powerless while flood levels keep rising, reaching unprecedented levels. Waiting anxiously until the water has receded then returning home to assess the damage and start down the long road to recovery.

Our fellow Canadians in communities in both New Brunswick and British Columbia are right this very minute piecing their lives back together after severe flooding.

The REALTOR® community has shown, time and time again, that when disasters strike, we are keen to come together and raise funds for the victims. Unfortunately, the time has come again when our help is needed.

In solidarity with boards and associations in New Brunswick and British Columbia, the Canadian Real Estate Association is asking the REALTOR® community to consider giving what you can to help the Canadian Red Cross deliver long-lasting relief to those impacted by the recent record-breaking flooding. By donating, you’ll help show that REALTORS® from across the country are here to help those affected in their time of need. The more money we raise together, the stronger that message will be.

Click here to make a tax-receiptable contribution to the Canadian Red Cross securely using one or both of our REALTORS Care® donation pages.

Thank you for your continued generosity and for showing the world that REALTORS Care®.

New Look for WEBForms®!

CREA WEBForms® has a fresh new look and redesigned interface, which means helping your clients has never been easier.

Beginning in August, when you log into CREA WEBForms® you will automatically be redirected to the new CREA WEBForms® experience. WEBForms®Classic (the version currently available) will no longer be accessible.

But you don’t have to wait till August to switch to the new CREA WEBForms®.

Here are three reasons you should make the switch to the new CREA WEBForms® today:

Save Time
With the ability to auto-populate forms using data from your board/association’s MLS® System, you can save time and simplify the buying and sales process. 

Do More Deals From Anywhere
Whether you’re at home or on the road, CREA WEBForms® works effortlessly with the device of your choice. You can use your cellphone, tablet or computer to complete your real estate transactions.

Enjoy Freedom of Choice
CREA WEBForms® links to industry-leading e-signature and transaction management apps. You have the freedom to choose from popular apps like DocuSign®, Authentisign®, TransactionDesk®, NEXONE and eZmax.

Make the switch today by logging into CREA WEBForms® and clicking “Try the new CREA WEBForms®” at the top of the page.

(reprinted from May, 2018 edition of NEWS2Me, CREA’s national newsletter.)


Important! Look4Homes App for Android Receiving Upgrade

On Thursday, June 7, 2018, the Look4Homes app for Android will be upgraded. There are a number of improvements incorporated into the upgrade, including a fix for issues with map location.

You and your clients/customers with Android devices must accept the upgrade for the changes to be available on your device. In particular, you must accept the upgrade between Thursday, June 7 and Sunday, June 10 for maps to continue working.  If you do not, maps stop working on June 11 and will not work until you accept the upgrade.

Please spread the word among your colleagues and clients/customers.