Staff Profiles – Meet Valerie

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Valerie Webster

Valerie is RAHB’s Communications Coordinator and is responsible for editing (and writing much of) REALINFO, producing RAHB press and stats releases, writing speeches for membership meetings and for other written materials for the association.  She sets up the annual President’s press conference and arranges interviews with the president.  Valerie also works with the Communications Committee and Awards Task Force, and coordinates RAHB’s advertising.

This is Valerie’s second round at RAHB; she was employed as member services coordinator in the late 1980s.  In between, she was busy raising her son, running her own business offering administrative and communications services to not-for-profit and other organizations, and learning the art of stained glass.


Staff Profiles – Meet Ross

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Staff photos do not appear on RAHB blog just in the PDF version of REALinfo.

Ross Godsoe

Ross is RAHB’s Chief Executive Officer, responsible for managing all operations of the association.  He works closely with the president and board of directors and with the staff who assist him provide member services to RAHB members.

Ross is especially well-suited to the role of CEO of a real estate association.  When he joined RAHB in 2001, he brought with him a wealth of experience from all facets of the real estate industry.

Ross owned a real estate brokerage in Mississauga for 26 years.  He was involved in residential and commercial real estate, real estate development and property management.  As a member of the Mississauga Real Estate Board, Ross started volunteering in the association and found himself serving as president in 1987.  From the Mississauga Board, Ross became involved on the OREA Board (he served as president in 1994) and on the CREA Board, where he served as president in 2000.  In total, Ross spent 18 consecutive years as a volunteer in three levels of organized real estate.

Just at the time Ross was considering other business opportunities, he became aware of the opening for a CEO at RAHB.  As a business person who understood both the business side and member side of real estate, he believed he would be a good fit for the position and the selection committee obviously thought so, too.

Member service is Ross’s primary focus in his role as CEO and he is excited to have assembled a team of staff with the same focus.  In looking at the highlights of his time at RAHB, Ross cites the move from the legacy MLS® system to MLXchange as a one of the great member services he has overseen.  Other highlights include the relationships established in organized real estate coast to coast and beyond, relationships fostered with other organizations which are leaders in the Greater Hamilton-Burlington communities and – Ross’s special passion – the Home Ownership Affordability Partnership (HOAP) with the City of Hamilton and ScotiaBank.

Ross is the recipient of the prestigious W. Frank Johns Award in recognition of his “dedicated leadership, contributions and support … in developing the professional role and status of executive officers.”

Staff Profiles – Meet George and Carolyn

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Staff photos do not appear on RAHB blog just in the PDF version of REALinfo.

George Asante

George is RAHB’s IT Systems Administrator.  George’s primary role is to maintain RAHB’s internal systems/servers – ensuring they are up-to-date, backed up, secure and performing optimally.  In addition to systems administration, George also performs the role of database administrator, provides internal support to RAHB staff and facilitates RETS data feed configuration/support.  George can also be found setting up and/or operating the audio/visual equipment at membership meetings, committee meetings, Broker of Record/Manager meetings and training sessions.

George has been with RAHB for four years.  He graduated from the Computer Networking Systems course at Mohawk College and spent time in the IT department at Canadian Tire and consulting and managing clients’ systems at Dependable IT before he found his way to RAHB.  George is a huge sports fan and can usually be counted on to organize the office sports pool.


Carolyn Infurnari

Carolyn is the Manager of the Executive Office and works closely with RAHB’s CEO and the Board of Directors.  She sets up and prepares for all Board meetings, attends the meetings and takes minutes.  Carolyn also oversees preparations for all membership meetings and Broker of Record/Manager meetings and takes minutes of membership meetings.  Carolyn ensures the Association bylaws and policy manual are kept up to date, is responsible for the staff in the MLS® Department and is the general go-to person for anything to do with board committees or standing committees.

Carolyn began working at RAHB almost 20 years ago on a contract to transcribe minutes and prepare agendas for all RAHB committees.  Partway through her one-year term, Carolyn was then hired on full-time.  She found that working on all committees’ meeting materials was a good learning experience and gave her a good understanding of the business of the association.  She moved on to the position of Communications Assistant before taking on the position of Executive Assistant, a position with most of the duties she presently holds.  Several years ago, Carolyn’s title changed and she was given responsibility for MLS® staff.

Staff Profiles – Meet Karin and Jason

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Staff photos do not appear on RAHB blog just in the PDF version of REALinfo.

Karin Condello
Karin is RAHB’s Accounts Coordinator.  She is responsible for accounts receivable including pre-authorized payments and web payments; responding to enquiries from members regarding their invoices; overdue accounts and collections; ordering office supplies and acting as back-up to RAHB’s corporate services manager, membership coordinator and education coordinator.

Karin first started working in the RAHB info centre as a summer student.  In 1997, she was hired as receptionist.  She moved into the print department for five years and then moved into her current position a few years ago.  Karin is a huge fan of classic rock music and is an avid concert-goer; she is also an enthusiastic collector of antiques.


Jason Hersey
Jason is one of RAHB’s newer staff members and is the Manager, Technology.  His role is to define and execute technology goals as part of the management team; supervise and co-ordinate the Association’s use of technology; provide management, guidance and support to the technology staff; ensure internal and external systems are secure, available and efficient; and keep on top of technologies that may be useful for members and the association.

Jason joined RAHB in 2011 and came with wide experience from a 20-year career in IT.  Jason’s background includes software development, national help desk coordination, consulting for small-to-medium size business and internet service provider network operations.  Jason finds organized real estate to be “surprisingly dynamic” and noted that it provides him with some “unique challenges”.  A proud father of three young girls, Jason spends much of his free time getting involved in his daughters’ extra-curricular activities.

Staff Profiles – Tracy and Kelvin

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Staff photos do not appear on RAHB blog just in the PDF version of REALinfo.

Tracy Bertin

Tracy is RAHB’s Digital Print Operator and oversees the printing of course materials, member notices and internal printing requirements.  Tracy also compiles topsheets, dailies and catalogue data.  She packages and prepares for distribution all materials sent to members via couriers and by post.  Tracy accepts deliveries at RAHB’s shipping/receiving area and, where deliveries are for goods for the Realty Shoppe, prepares them for sale.  Tracy can also be found covering in the Realty Shoppe as needed.

Because she is usually hidden away behind the closed doors of the printing area, members rarely recognize Tracy as a RAHB staff member when they meet her in the Realty Shoppe – they frequently ask how recently she started.  For the record, Tracy has been with RAHB for seven years and has been in Print Services the entire time.  She says she has seen many changes in her area, especially on the technology side of printing; for instance, the two printers currently in use take less floor space than the single machine she used when she first started.


Kelvin Chen

Kelvin has been RAHB’s software developer since he joined us in 2008. He is responsible for creating, upgrading and troubleshooting RAHB and NAR member and internal programs and for designing and developing databases. He is a behind-the-scenes contributor to new computer programs, enhancements to existing programs and any project that requires technical expertise, such as online registrations for REALTOR® CONNECTIONS, online voting for RAHB elections, listing data transactions between MLXchange and, CONNECT and

In addition to his degree in Computer Science and certificate as Microsoft Application Developer, Kelvin also holds a Textile Engineering Diploma.  Prior to joining RAHB, he worked with manufacturers to develop and select new fabrics, improve textile products and create new products for clothing.

Staff Profiles – Meet Rosanne and Sherry

Rosanne Horansky

Rosanne is RAHB’s Instructional Designer, Lead Trainer and Documentation Specialist.  She writes and instructs RAHB’s MLS® & IT courses and creates and updates computer course handouts.  Rosanne also maintains the notices on Message of the Day (MOD), creates and maintains MLXchange and Fusion resource links and updates the over-200 MLXchange/Fusion reports.  Rosanne also works on special projects in the IT area.

Rosanne joined RAHB as a receptionist back when listings were printed on perforated paper and stored in steel filing cabinets, about five executive officers ago.  After taking time to start her family, Rosanne returned to RAHB and took on the position of MLS® Supervisor and then moved into the IT department.


Sherry Lloyd

Sherry works in RAHB’s MLS® department where she receives MLS® calls and questions about MLS® Rules and Regulations and policies, processes interboard and access listings, checks listings/revisions and updates the street list and maps. Sherry also acts as back-up for the reception desk.

Sherry’s first stint with RAHB was right out of high school – she helped for the summer, entering sales, conditional sales, expired listings and other information into large journals.  After time spent at a different job, Sherry returned to RAHB and worked in the MLS® department for 13 years.  Sherry then moved on to reception where she spent seven years answering calls, taking care of mail and miscellaneous MLS® duties.  Two years ago Sherry moved into the MLS® department, where where she is today.

Please note:
Staff photos do not appear on RAHB blog just in the PDF version of REALinfo.

Staff Profiles – Meet Nancy and Maggie

Many members speak to RAHB staff over the phone or by email, but have never met them.  As a way of putting a face to a name, we will be introducing all RAHB staff over the next few months and telling you a bit about what they do.

Nancy Duce
Nancy is RAHB’s Manager, Member Products/Councils.  She is staff liaison for the Membership Area Representation Committee (MARC), the Burlington Council and the Regional Commercial Council (RCC).    She also oversees the functions of the RAHB Print Services department and the Realty Shoppe, which includes scheduling, ordering paper supplies, liaising with and setting up new suppliers, and ordering products and business forms for resale in the Shoppe.  Nancy is also responsible for special projects such as RAHB map updates and MLS® form updates.

Nancy has been with RAHB since 1978.  She started by assisting in the Print Services area. This was back in the days when RAHB members were obliged to receive dailies and we had our own pre- and post-production equipment, including an offset press.  Nancy remained in Print Services, working her way up.  The digital age brought tremendous changes to the graphic arts business, and these changing times and technologies brought changing responsibilities.  So what have the years taught her?  That change is an inevitable fact of life, and learning is a lifelong process.


Maggie Inglis
Maggie is RAHB’s Computer Graphic Designer.  Maggie has been with RAHB the longest of all staff employees.  She is the one who designs all the graphic components of every RAHB brochure, flyer, manual, sign, poster, graph, certificate, advertisement, newsletter and anything else that goes out of the RAHB office.  Maggie ensures that all RAHB branding appears as it should on all our printed and online materials.  She also works with outside graphics to make them work for RAHB.  Given her many artistic talents, it may come as a surprise that Maggie is also our internal handy person and is the keeper of the tools we might need around the office.

Maggie started with RAHB in 1975 in the information centre, typing conditional sales on MLS® listings.  From that position, she moved to the Print Services department and oversaw it’s day to day operations.  She did a temporary stint in the Computer department and from there started digitizing MLS® house photos for the image downloading system (IDS) for half the day and desktop publishing for the other half.  When the demands for desktop publishing and computer graphic design became greater, Maggie started designing full time, and that is where she uses her considerable talents today.


Please note:  Staff photos do not appear on RAHB blog just in the PDF version of REALinfo.

Staff Profiles – Meet Kim and Kathy

Kim Sanders

Kim is the Association’s Manager of Corporate Services and is responsible for financial matters, human resources and the RAHB building and tenants plus oversees education, membership and accounting.  She is also the privacy officer for the association.

Involvement with REALTORS® runs in Kim’s family; her father George Sanders entered the real estate profession in 1949.  Kim joined RAHB in 1984 as a stripper – yes, a stripper; you will have to ask Kim for more details – in the MLS® department.  She moved on to the membership department before taking on accounting duties for the association.  During her early days in accounting, Kim was also responsible for planning golf tournaments, the annual Christmas party and long service awards.  Kim was involved in the move to and renovation of RAHB’s current home at 505 York Blvd.  She remembers something about wading through UFFI ….


Kathy Rubio

Kathy Rubio is RAHB’s Member Products/Councils Assistant.  She supports MARC, the Burlington Council and the Regional Commercial Council (RCC) and is the staff contact for RCC membership enquiries and REALTrack appointments.  Kathy also provides support to Print Services and the Realty Shoppe.

Kathy has been at RAHB off-and-on since 1982.   She started in print services and worked through several jobs in that area before moving to the member services department three years ago.  Kathy enthusiastically enjoys the challenges that come from working with her committee and councils and especially enjoys working on the events planned by MARC and the councils.  Kathy says that her years of member service have taught her great values and have given her the opportunity to engage with many RAHB members, many of whom helped her grow personally and professionally.


Please note:  Staff photos do not appear on RAHB blog just in the PDF version of REALinfo.