RAHB Matrix 7.0 Tutorials

Everything you need to get ready for Matrix 7.0

New RAHB Matrix Listing Forms

 Any listings that are not broker loaded prior to 4 p.m.on Monday October 16, 2017 must be completed using the new RAHB listing formsYou can also purchase these forms at the Realty Shoppe.

Matrix Video Tutorials

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Matrix FAQs

Q: Will Conditional Sales with no showings still be uploaded to REALTOR.ca in RAHB Matrix?

A: No. After we cut over to the RAHB Matrix system on October 17, 2017, RAHB will no longer be uploading listings that are conditionally sold with “no showings” to REALTOR.ca.

Unlike Fusion, Matrix treats conditional sales as a status change (Matrix has two conditionally sold statuses; Active-CS and Active-NS).

In Fusion, a listing that is conditionally sold (regardless of whether showings are still taking place or not) is still classed as “Active”, and as such, gets uploaded to REALTOR.ca.

The two separate statuses in the RAHB Matrix system will ensure that only listings for properties that are available to the public for viewing are being advertised on REALTOR.ca.

Q: When will my public open houses be entered into the RAHB Matrix System?

A: The RAHB Matrix System will allow you to enter public open houses directly onto the MLS® system, similar to what has always been done for agent open houses. This will place the open house directly onto www.openhouses.ca. Upon submission, you should see your open house on the site within three hours. This means that you will no longer need to access a second site to enter a public open house.

Q: Can you start a new search and keep an original search open?

A: Yes! There are two ways.

The first is to hover your mouse over the blue Search tab, then hold down your “CTRL” key and click the Search tab. Another browser tab will open, allowing you to start a new search without losing any of the criteria or results from your previous search. You can toggle back and forth between browser tabs to both your searches.

The second way is to right click on the Search tab and click Open link in new tab, and you will get to another browser tab.

Q: How many hotsheet searches can I have in the hotsheet widget? Is there a limit?

A: You may have up to 10 hotsheet search links in the hotsheet widget.

Q: What is Concierge Mode and how would I enable it?

A: There may be times when you have set up auto emails for your client, but your client wants to see only properties with specific features for which there are no search criteria (for example, your client wishes to see only properties with renovated kitchens – there is no search field for renovated kitchens). In such a case, you might wish to preview the listings for your client. That is what Concierge Mode will do for you – you will receive the selected listings first and you can decide whether or not to send them on to your client.

Enable Concierge Mode when you set up your Auto Email under the Settings header. You will be alerted via email when new listings need approval; you can also be alerted on your Matrix homepage via the Concierge Widget.

Q: Can I disable the “Client Search” functionality within the RAHB Matrix 7.0 client portal?

A: No, this feature is enabled for all client portals. The advantage for you is that your clients, who may also be looking at other websites to search listings, will see only your contact information displayed where other sites might provide your client with full contact details for every listing salesperson.

Q: How do I display only the listings I have selected?

A: Once you have selected the listings you want to display, click the Refine button at the bottom of the page, then click Narrow. Now only your selected listings will display. To get back to the original results, click the “Original Results” link at the top left corner of the page.

If you are selecting particular searches in a saved search, however, you have to keep in mind that when you select listings and then re-save the search, it actually alters the criteria for the search. You will have to make sure you don’t save the narrowed list as a saved search, or you will have narrowed the criteria for the search for your client to just those listings.

Q: What information has been transferred to RAHB Matrix 7.0 from Fusion and regional Matrix? Will my CMAs and reports be transferred over?

A: Only your saved searchescontacts and personal head shots have been transferred to RAHB Matrix 7.0 from Fusion and regional Matrix.

Items such as your saved viewsshortcutsheadersfooterspersonal logos and anything you customized on your email templates will not be moved over. This means you now have the opportunity to use the wider range of marketing material options that Matrix 7.0 offers!

As for your CMAs – if you wish save any of your current CMAs in RAHB Matrix 7.0, download them from Fusion or the regional Matrix system, print them to a .pdf, then re-enter the information into RAHB Matrix 7.0. If you have a lot of CMAs you wish to save, this could take a bit of time, so please ensure that you schedule accordingly to ensure a smooth transition before cutover.

Q: How do I login to RAHB Matrix 7.0?

A: You can access RAHB Matrix 7.0 through http://my.rahb.ca. This is the URL for the new single sign on (SSO) dashboard that contains links to RAHB Matrix 7.0, Fusion, the regional Matrix system (requires a separate login), RAHB’s membership resources and REALTOR® tools. Login to http://my.rahb.ca as you normally would for Fusion, and then use the RAHB Matrix button to access Matrix 7.0 – no further login is required!

PDF Tutorials

RAHB has put together some PDF tutorials to help you prepare for Matrix 7.0. Even if you have been using Matrix for awhile, please follow these tutorials to ensure that your transition to Matrix 7.0 is as smooth as possible.

RAHB Matrix 7.0 Updates

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Cutover has begun!

Final cutover to the RAHB Matrix system has begun! Here's what you need to know: Broker loading was disabled in Fusion at 4 p.m. today (Monday, October 16, 2017). There will be no listing entry available until Noon tomorrow (October 17) when cutover to the RAHB Matrix...

Where’s the X?

You may have noticed that in the regional Matrix, RAHB listings were prefixed with an “X”. In RAHB Matrix (just as it was in Fusion), there is no “X”. The “X” was necessary to differentiate RAHB listings in the regional system. RAHB will now go back to use only the...

RAHB Matrix Cutover Timeline

There's only one week until we make the final cutover to RAHB's Matrix MLS® System on Tuesday, October 17, 2017! Here are a few things you need to know as we get closer to cutover. Sunday, October 15, 2017 9 p.m. Cut-off for having your new listing or listing changes...

Listing displays in Matrix

In Fusion, you have been used to looking at listing details on “Reports”. In Matrix, they are referred to as “Displays”.  There are nine displays available to you in Matrix – here’s what each one provides.   1. REALTOR® Single Line – print MLS® number, status,...

Joint Data Share Announcement From RAHB and ORTIS

The email was sent to all members on Friday, August 4, 2017 ORTIS and RAHB are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement regarding data sharing. The data share that you all enjoy now, as either users of ORTIS or members of RAHB, will...

How to Create Stats Charts in Matrix 7.0

When we cut over to the RAHB Matrix system on October 17, 2017, RAHB’s Statistical Information Management (SIM) program will be retired. As such, you will need to generate all of your real estate stats within the RAHB Matrix system. Getting Started with RAHB Matrix...

Q&A: Common RAHB Matrix 7.0 Questions from Members

We are a week into the preview period for RAHB’s new Matrix MLS® System, and our MLS® department has been busy answering your questions over the phone. Here are the most commonly asked questions and their answers. Q: How do I login to RAHB Matrix 7.0? A:  You can...

New Features in RAHB Matrix 7.0

RAHB Matrix has been launched with the most current product version – Matrix 7.0!  CoreLogic has added several new and exciting features to this MLS® system such as…   Updated Client Portal Your clients will find the new Matrix 7.0 portal to be easier to navigate...

Check Out RAHB’s New Matrix 7.0 System!

Have you checked out RAHB’s new Matrix 7.0 MLS® System yet? Logging in to Matrix Login to RAHB’s Matrix system through http://my.rahb.ca – your new single sign on (SSO) dashboard with links to RAHB’s Matrix, the regional Matrix system, Fusion (for now), RAHB’s...

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about the RAHB Matrix 7.0 transition, please contact our MLS® Help Desk at (905)-667-4650 or mls@rahb.ca.