Matrix Shorthand Symbols, Speed Bar & How to Fill Your Cart

Matrix Shorthand Symbols

How’s your shorthand? Here are some shorthand symbols to use in Matrix:

The plus symbol + or minus symbol will indicate “greater than” or “less than” values.
Example:10+ for more than 10 and 10- for less than 10. (Enter 10 for exactly 10.)
If you are looking for a range, enter it as 10-50 (as an example)
The asterisk * is a wildcard.
Example: enter p* in the Street Name search field to get all the streets beginning with the letter P that meet all the criteria you have entered (region, city, etc)
The question mark ? can be used with a letter or number as a length delimiter.
Exampe: p?? will return pow, pwr, pan, pic, pro, pub.
The exclamation mark ! means “not”.
Example: !3 in a field will give you all responses except those that equal 3.
To select more than one item, hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard while clicking on the desired items with your mouse.
To remove a selected item, hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard while clicking with your mouse and the item will deselect.


What’s the Speed Bar for?

The Speed Bar is a multi-purpose searching tool will allow you to run a search from any screen. To learn more about this very handy function, go to Help in RAHB Matrix, and click on Speed Bar.

Speed Bar


Fill Your Cart!

Matrix allows you to put aside listings for review at a later time. When you see a listing you would like to review later for a client, or put aside for use as a comparable, click on Carts from the Actions menu located at the bottom of your screen. You will then be given a list of carts you can add the listing to. You have one cart for each property type, and one for each client.

Fill Your Cart

For the client carts, you can put aside listings that you feel your client may be interested in, but may fall outside of their search criteria. At any time, you can open the client’s cart from your home page (or from the contacts list), and email some (or all) of the listings in the cart. The system will automatically keep track of when you emailed the listing to your client, and will display the date the listing was emailed beside the listing, or it will read Never if the listing has never been emailed.

For more information about using your Cart, go to Help in RAHB Matrix, click on Matrix Video Tutorials and choose Carts Video Tutorials.

Meet your new MLS® listing data input forms!

With a change to a new MLS® System comes new Data Input forms for your listings. What’s new about the forms? Plenty! Check out the information below, and then follow the links to the new forms and their explanatory notes.

What you need to know about the new forms

  1. There will be just two Data Input forms instead of five:
  • RESIDENTIAL – to be used for residential (freehold/condominium), multi-residential, farm and vacant land (lots)
  • COMMERCIAL – to be used for commercial retail property, industrial, investment, office, sale of business, store with apartment/office and vacant land (commercial)
  1. You will be required to use these forms for listings you will be entering into RAHB’s Matrix MLS® System starting on the cutover date. Because many fields will have changed from the old forms, you would be unable to properly complete the new fields in Broker Load in Matrix if you use the old forms. For the same reason, you can’t use the new forms for listings you are entering into Fusion before the cutover to Matrix.
  1. The new forms will soon be available for sale in the Realty Shoppe – watch for a notice with the date.  They will also be available in WEBForms® on cutover day.


What’s most notable about the new Data Input forms?

Something you will notice immediately is that the fields are organized under common areas:

Residential Form
Data Common to All Property Types
  • LEASE/ RENTAL information (if applicable)
  • ROOMS/ (and their) DETAILS
  • OTHER – Listing Brokerage information, etc.
Data Relevant to Specific Property Types
  • FARM
Reference Sheet Features and codes; reference table, multi-story illustrations; definitions


Commercial Form
Data Common to All Property Types
  • AMOUNT/ DATES (including LEASE/ RENTAL information if applicable)
Data and Details
  • Relevant to Commercial Property Types:
Reference Sheet Reference codes explained


Want to see an Example?

Take a look at the new Residential Data Input Form and Commercial Data Input Form!

How to Create Stats Charts in Matrix 7.0

When we cut over to the RAHB Matrix system on October 17, 2017, RAHB’s Statistical Information Management (SIM) program will be retired. As such, you will need to generate all of your real estate stats within the RAHB Matrix system.

Getting Started with RAHB Matrix Stats

Do you want to be able to show your clients and customers how the market has looked over the last year? What about the last five years? Or even ten years? RAHB Matrix 7.0 lets you create statistics charts that can be customized according to your client’s individual needs.

Below is an example of a customized chart created in RAHB Matrix 7.0 showing the number of residential sales over the last 10 years, overlaid by the median days on market:

Matrix Stats Chart

The criteria for this chart are shown in the bottom left-hand corner.

How this chart was created

When you click on the Stats tab on the Matrix 7.0 homepage, you’ll arrive on a search screen containing a Presets and Customize menu on the left hand side. Use the search screen to input in your basic criteria – the municipality or neighbourhood you want to focus on, the type of listing, etc. Then go to the menu on the left to choose the information you want chart for listings that match your criteria.

You can choose the information and type of chart you want from one of the system presets under the Presets tab or choose from a wider range of options under the Customize tab. Click on Advanced Options to have even more choice. For this particular chart, the customized criteria (using advanced options) looked like this:

Matrix Stats Chart 2

Once you have put in the type of statistic you want and how you want it to appear, click on Generate to create your stats chart.

The chart shows, graphically, the ups and downs in the sales and median days on market. However, if you are interested in the actual numbers that went into the graph, click on the Data tab for the actual numbers.

Matrix Stats Chart 3

This is only one of many combinations of information and stats graphs you can create using RAHB Matrix 7.0. Be sure to explore all the options!

Want to Know More? Watch the Video Tutorial Below!

Q&A: Common RAHB Matrix 7.0 Questions from Members

We are a week into the preview period for RAHB’s new Matrix MLS® System, and our MLS® department has been busy answering your questions over the phone. Here are the most commonly asked questions and their answers.

Q: How do I login to RAHB Matrix 7.0?

A:  You can access RAHB Matrix 7.0 through This is the URL for the new single sign on (SSO) dashboard that contains links to RAHB Matrix 7.0, Fusion, the regional Matrix system (requires a separate login), RAHB’s membership resources and REALTOR® tools. Login to as you normally would for Fusion, and then use the RAHB Matrix button to access Matrix 7.0 – no further login is required!


Q: What information has been transferred to RAHB Matrix 7.0 from Fusion and regional Matrix? Will my CMAs and reports be transferred over?

A: Only your saved searches, contacts and personal head shots have been transferred to RAHB Matrix 7.0 from Fusion and regional Matrix.

Items such as your saved views, shortcuts, headers, footers, personal logos and anything you customized on your email templates will not be moved over. This means you now have the opportunity to use the wider range of marketing material options that Matrix 7.0 offers!

As for your CMAs – if you wish save any of your current CMAs in RAHB Matrix 7.0, download them from Fusion or the regional Matrix system, print them to a .pdf, then re-enter the information into RAHB Matrix 7.0. If you have a lot of CMAs you wish to save, this could take a bit of time, so please ensure that you schedule accordingly to ensure a smooth transition before cutover.


Q: How do I display only the listings I have selected?

A: Once you have selected the listings you want to display, click the Refine button at the bottom of the page, then click Narrow. Now only your selected listings will display. To get back to the original results, click the “Original Results” link at the top left corner of the page.

If you are selecting particular searches in a saved search, however, you have to keep in mind that when you select listings and then re-save the search, it actually alters the criteria for the search. You will have to make sure you don’t save the narrowed list as a saved search, or you will have narrowed the criteria for the search for your client to just those listings.


Q: Can I disable the “Client Search” functionality within the RAHB Matrix 7.0 client portal?

No, this feature is enabled for all client portals. The advantage for you is that your clients, who may also be looking at other websites to search listings, will see only your contact information displayed where other sites might provide your client with full contact details for every listing salesperson.

Watch your inbox for more Q&As as we countdown to the RAHB Matrix 7.0 cutover!

New Features in RAHB Matrix 7.0

RAHB Matrix has been launched with the most current product version – Matrix 7.0!  CoreLogic has added several new and exciting features to this MLS® system such as…


Updated Client Portal

Your clients will find the new Matrix 7.0 portal to be easier to navigate with an improved look and feel. The redesigned portal displays well on various mobile devices, giving your clients the freedom to access the site on a computer, tablet or smart phone.

The Client Portal provides you with private websites that let you personally brand the information delivered to each individual client. The portal serves as a powerful communication tool by allowing clients to categorize listings according to their level of interest, as well as logging conversation notes between you and your clients. Your clients can further customize their portal experience by creating and saving searches of their own.

RAHB Client Portal


New REALTOR® Headers and Footers

A new library of professionally designed header graphics is now available in RAHB Matrix 7.0! Go to the My Matrix tab then select the Settings drop-down option. Under My Information, select Header & Footer. Here you can view the new headers and footers and choose the one that best suits your brand and personality. You can also upload your own.

Notifications of Portal Activity

You can now be notified via email when a contact is active on their portal! Whether it be adding listing notes, or saving favourites, you can stay up-to-date on your client activity.

Updated REALTOR® Web Pages

The RAHB Matrix 7.0 REALTOR® Web Pages also have been updated to match the new client portal design.

Google Maps

The RAHB Matrix 7.0 now has up-to-date street maps and aerial views with the Google Maps mapping service.


Watch your inbox for more updates as we countdown to the RAHB Matrix 7.0 cutover! For an archive of past resources, visit

Check Out RAHB’s New Matrix 7.0 System!

Have you checked out RAHB’s new Matrix 7.0 MLS® System yet?

Logging in to Matrix

Login to RAHB’s Matrix system through – your new single sign on (SSO) dashboard with links to RAHB’s Matrix, the regional Matrix system, Fusion (for now), RAHB’s membership resources and REALTOR® tools.  Login as you normally would for your current SSO or Fusion, then use the RAHB Matrix button to go to Matrix – no further login is required.

First things first

The first thing to notice about the new RAHB Matrix 7.0 is that the home page is quite different from the home page in Fusion, and even a little different from your home page in the regional Matrix system. RAHB beta testers gave us valuable input about how best to organize the home page for RAHB users.

The best way to become familiar with your RAHB Matrix home page is to thoroughly explore all of the main menu tabs and widgets.

Here’s a short list of where to find the things you might use most:

  • Links to RAHB Education/Account Services, GeoWarehouse, WEBForms®, CONNECT, REALTOR Link® and the CREA DDF dashboard are found under the drop-down menu in the Tools tab.
  • Links to OREA Standard Forms and Clauses and Education, ca, OREA,, and RECO are found under the Links tab as well as the External Links homepage widget.
  • Also in the Links tab/External Links widget are links to Tax and Zoning Information, CREA sites, OREA sites, RAHB’s public website, blog and MLS® Rules and Regulations and more – be sure to check them out.

Enjoy your journey through your new Matrix home page!

Contacts and saved searches

One of the first things you will want to do after you’ve become at least a little familiar with your Matrix  7.0 homepage, is check your contacts and saved searches. These have been moved from Fusion and the regional Matrix system to the RAHB Matrix system.

If you have been using only Fusion for your searches and maintaining your contact list, it is especially important that you make sure all the information in your saved searches and contacts is correct because some of the fields in Fusion do not line up with fields in Matrix.  If information is missing or incorrect, you will want to edit the information and save it. It is important that you turn ON your saved searches in Matrix and turn OFF your saved searches in Fusion. (When RAHB members first accessed the regional system, all saved searches were moved over to the regional system. If you haven’t turned on those searches and have continued to use your Fusion saved searches, then those searches in the regional system will still be there, and will be moved over.)

Find out more about how to find and update your contacts and saved searches in this How-To Guide.

Want to know more about Matrix?

When you are in Matrix, click on the Help tab near the top right-hand corner, then click on Matrix Training Guides, and Matrix 7.0 Quick Start Guide.

We will continue to add to and update the content available to you on the Help tab.

For a complete playlist of RAHB recorded webinars and tutorials on different aspects of working in Matrix, go to .  (Some of the videos are shown as Matrix 6.5, but will still be helpful.)

Need more help?

As always, our MLS® staff are here to help you navigate your way through RAHB’s MLS® system – just call 905.667.4650 or email