2018 RAHB Annual General Meeting Summary

Over 500 members attended RAHB’s 97th Annual General Meeting (AGM), featuring guest speaker David Chilton, on Wednesday, March 28, 2018 at Michelangelo Events and Conference Centre. Thank you to everyone who attended and participated.

President-Elect Bob Van De Vrande presented the Financial Report.

Members adopted the 2017 year-end audited financial statements and appointed Norton McMullen as the Auditor for the fiscal year 2018. There were 445 votes in favour versus 47 opposed.

President Jack Loft presented four Bylaw Amendments.

  1. The motion to amend the RAHB Bylaw to remove the MLS® Committee from the list of Board Committees and change the status to an Operational Committee was defeated – 327 votes to 174 votes.
  2. The motion to amend the Bylaw to increase remuneration for the President and President-Elect, and to provide remuneration to the Immediate Past President (the same amount as for the President-Elect) and the Board of Directors (for Board meetings attended) was approved – 415 votes to 97 votes.
  3. The motion to amend the Bylaw to allow RAHB to participate in the Revised Cooperative Discipline Agreement for real estate boards and associations in Ontario was approved – 477 votes to 13 votes.
  4. The motion to allow RAHB staff to make “housekeeping” changes to the Bylaw to adjust punctuation, numbering, etc. was approved to ensure the intent of the Bylaw changes is carried throughout the document as necessary – 474 votes to 7 votes.

    As per the voting and approvals, the RAHB ByLaw has been amended.

MLS® Committee Chair Kathy Della-Nebbia presented the MLS® Report:
The report touched on MLS®-related initiatives in 2017 (data share in place; new Matrix system go-live in October; review and update of some MLS® Rules and Regulations and Policies; update of Smithville boundary), the new ShowingTime scheduling program and what the MLS® Committee will focus on in 2018.

RAHB CEO George O’Neill provided an update on RAHB’s Strategic Plan.

The update covered the five main components of RAHB’s three-year strategic plan:  Vision, Mission, Values, Goals and Core Competencies.

Draw Winners!

  • Dena Zlatar (Royal LePage State Realty) won the draw for 2019 RAHB dues.
  • Angela Nolan (RE/MAX Escarpment Realty Inc.) won the draw for the drone.
  • Biliana Dib (Royal LePage Macro Realty) won the draw for the iPad.

    Congratulations to all the winners!

Following the AGM, members and selected guests enjoyed a delicious hot buffet lunch before enjoying the insightful, often hilarious, presentation by guest speaker David Chilton of CBC Dragons’ Den fame, and author of The Wealthy Barber and The Wealthy Barber Returns. Be sure to “like” our Facebook page and keep an eye out for our professional photographs of the event!

Thank you to all who attended RAHB’s spring AGM! We look forward to seeing you at the next one!

Naming Listing Supplements

Listing Supplements in MatrixWhen you create your listing supplements, you should avoid using special characters – that is, anything other than numbers and letters – in the file name.

Many characters have special meanings to browsers and operating systems, so if you include them in a file name, a web browser may attempt to perform that function instead of opening the file.

So play it safe and avoid using these special characters:

  • #  (pound/hashtag/number sign)
  • %  (per cent)
  • &  (ampersand)
  • {  (left curly bracket)
  • }  (right curly bracket)
  • :  (colon)
  • \  (back slash)
  • @ (at sign)
  • <  (left angle bracket)
  • >  (right angle bracket)
  • “  (double quotes)
  • *  (asterisk)
  • ?  (question mark)
  • /  (forward slash)
  •     (blank spaces)
  • $  (dollar sign)
  • !  (exclamation point)
  • ‘  (single quote/apostrophe)

Some additional considerations:

  • Don’t start or end your file name with a space, period, hyphen or underline
  • Keep your file names to a reasonable length
  • Avoid using spaces; use a hyphen instead

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our MLS® Help Desk at (905).667.4650 or support@rahb.ca.

What To Do If Your Clients Miss Auto E-mails

Are your clients missing auto e-mails? Do you know how to disable and then re-enable auto e-mails? What about sending individual listings from one of your auto-searches? RAHB Instructor Eric Meek covers it all in RAHB’s latest Matrix video tutorial.

If you have any questions, concerns or difficulties with auto-emails, please contact our MLS® Help Desk at 905.667.4650 or support@rahb.ca.


ShowingTime is Now LIVE in RAHB Matrix!

ShowingTime Logo

ShowingTime, the showing management system, is now LIVE in RAHB Matrix! Have you read and watched our ShowingTime training resources yet? In addition to the training resource archive, we have also put together some FAQs from our ShowingTime webinars below.

If you have any additional questions not covered in our ShowingTime training materials, please e-mail support@rahb.ca or call 905.529.8101 ext. 241.

ShowingTime Training Webinar Recording


ShowingTime Training Webinar Questions

If you enter your Buyer’s name in the ShowingTime “optional field” is it visible to the listing REALTOR® or just for your own records?

A: The buyer’s name in the “optional field” won’t be visible to the listing REALTOR®. This would be for your reference only to track your buyer’s activity (e.g. buyer tours you created, which properties you’ve shown them, etc.).


hat happens if you don’t answer the ShowingTime automated call?

f you are unable to answer the ShowingVoice call, the system will leave an automated voicemail message with a call back number so you can confirm or decline the appointment.


Can you overlap showing times?

ou can overlap your appointments in ShowingTime using the “Appointment Calendar”. If the time slot you clicked on has another appointment scheduled, clicking on it will open up some options for you to overlap your appointments or cancel your previous appointment.


Will we still be able to book a showing by calling brokerages or will we only be able to book through ShowingTime going forward?

 they would like to accept showing requests.


Can you sync the ShowingTime calendar to your personal calendar (i.e., Outlook)?

es. In your ShowingTime “Agent Profile” there is a “Calendar Sync” button under your photo that will provide options for you to sync your ShowingTime appointments with your personal calendar.


If we are using Matrix for Mobile, are we still able to click multiple listings to add to cart? Will this open our app on our phones, or bring us to ShowingTime in a web browser?

n order to set up ShowingCart tours, you’ll need to be on your desktop for Matrix or the desktop version of the site on your mobile device.


hat happens if a listing doesn’t use ShowingTime?

f a listing doesn’t use ShowingTime, you will see a note letting you know the listing is not accepting online appointments. You can still add it to “ShowingCart” to help plan your buyer tour, but you’ll need to view the detail report in Matrix and follow the scheduling instructions entered by the listing REALTOR® there.


When using ShowingTime’s “SmartRoute”, how does the system know if we want to start at the office?

hen setting up your buyer tour, whatever you set as the first stop will be your number one stop. So if you want to keep your office as your first stop when using “SmartRoute”, you will just need to set it to your number one stop.


What happens when an appointment is declined and you have to reschedule?

he listing REALTOR® has the ability to propose a new time or give you instructions when to request a new appointment. You can then request a new time, or change the time based on the listing REALTOR’s® notes.


ow can I change an appointment in ShowingTime?

ou can  go into ShowingTime and click the “I Have Requested” button under the “Showings” tab. From there you can propose new times, or cancel your existing appointments.


Q: Is there an option to have office staff book showings during office hours or do appointment requests have to go through REALTORS® only?

ShowingTime is a REALTOR®-to-REALTOR® scheduling tool, but if you have front desk managing appointments for your office’s listings, you can add their email address in the “Office Setup” tab from the side menu (visible to office users such as a broker or record) to be copied on appointment request notifications.

Commercial SIM Reports Removed

Commercial SIM reports

The commercial reports in the Statistics Information Management (SIM) program (Commercial Sales by Area, Commercial Sales by Type and Lease Statistics) have been removed for maintenance.

The three residential reports – Residential Sales by Area, Residential Sales by Type and Residential Comparison Report – are still available in the SIM program. You can access SIM through the link on your dashboard at my.rahb.ca or under the Market Reports tab in Matrix.

ShowingTime Mobile App Tutorials

ShowingTime, our new showing management system, is coming to RAHB Matrix this Wednesday (March 7, 2018)! Don’t miss out on our comprehensive training webinars that cover everything you need to know. Click here to register.

If you would like some extra learning resources on the ShowingTime mobile app, we encourage you to watch the following video tutorials:

Attention Brokers of Record/Managers!

Is your office currently using a showing management system (Lone Wolf, QOC or others)? If you have not already done so, can you please let us know which system you are using? Contact Rosanne Horansky at rosanneh@rahb.ca.

Keep watching NewsReal and Matrix News & Alerts for more information about ShowingTime! For an archive of RAHB’s ShowingTime resources, click here.

ShowingTime Appointment FAQs

ShowingTime Logo

ShowingTime, the showing management system, is coming to RAHB Matrix Wednesday, March 7, 2018! We have some great training webinars scheduled March 6, 7 and 8, 2018 that cover everything you need to know. Click here to register.

Meanwhile, we have compiled some frequently asked questions about ShowingTime Appointments below:


How do I choose different “Appointment Types”?

Being able to identify what type of appointment you are scheduling can help get the appointment confirmed faster. You can choose from several appointment types, such as Showing, Appraisal, Walk-Through, Photography and more! Click here to view the video tutorial explaining how to choose the right “Appointment Type”.


How can I tell the Seller that the showing is over in ShowingTime?

In the ShowingTime mobile app, you can visit the “Appointment” screen or navigate from the confirmation to click on the “I’m Done or Done Showing” button.


How do I see the Feedback on my listings?

When the showing REALTOR® fills out the feedback form, you are able to see it in the ShowingTime feedback section located under the “On my Listings” tab. When you are a sent a feedback request form you will be able to answer it and track it via the “Listings I have Shown” tab.


Keep watching NewsReal and Matrix News & Alerts for more information about ShowingTime! For an archive of RAHB ShowingTime resources, click here.

How to Use ShowingTime “ShowingCart”, Listing FAQs and More!

Did you know that ShowingTime, the showing appointments request system, will be integrated into RAHB Matrix on Wednesday, March 7, 2018? If you’ve never used ShowingTime before, don’t worry – you can register for one of our three FREE training webinars on March 6, 7 and 8, 2018.

In the meantime, we have compiled some frequently asked questions about the ShowingCart tool and ShowingTime Listing basics below:

What is ShowingCart?

ShowingCart is a way to schedule multiple showings all in one place in ShowingTime. Once you have selected the showings you want to schedule, the map will allow you to see where the listings you selected are located so you can create the best possible route for your buyer. In addition, you can see all of the confirmed requests in one place and send directions as well. There will be two ways to schedule showings using ShowingCart: through the RAHB Matrix system or through the ShowingTime mobile app. To learn more, watch the ShowingCart video tutorial here.


What kind of attachments can I add to my listing?

You can add any disclosures or forms that need to be shared with a showing REALTOR®. ShowingTime accepts .PDF, .JPG, .GIF, or .PNG file uploads only (20MB max).


When should I merge a listing?

If a property is re-listed or comes back on the market you may have two in your inventory. You may also have a duplicate listing if you are a member of more than one Association. Merging the listings will keep all the history and future showings together.


How does ShowingTime save space in my “REALTOR® Remarks”?

Showing instructions such as “please close all blinds” or “please leave card” are often included in the “REALTOR® Remarks” section of listings. ShowingTime frees up that space by having some pre-defined notations that will display while in the ShowingTime appointments screen. Some examples of what instructions are available are listed below:

ShowingTime General Remarks

Do I have to use ShowingTime for my listings?

We certainly encourage you to use ShowingTime, but ultimately, choosing to use ShowingTime is up to you.


Keep watching NewsReal and Matrix News & Alerts for more information about ShowingTime! For an archive of RAHB ShowingTime resources, click here.

How to Prepare Your Sellers for ShowingTime

ShowingTime Logo

ShowingTime, the showing request system, will be integrated into the RAHB Matrix system on Wednesday, March 7, 2018, and your sellers may have some questions regarding how the software works.

First, we recommend that you download and print the Seller’s Guide to ShowingTime Handout for your clients so they fully understand ShowingTime.

Second, we recommend that you register for one of our three training webinars on March 6, 7 and 8, 2018.

Third, we recommend that you keep the following FAQs on-hand so you are prepared for any follow-up questions your sellers may have:


As a seller, will I be notified when a ShowingTime showing is scheduled?

Yes, you can receive email notifications so you know when an appointment is scheduled. Appointments fall into two categories:

Go & Show – this is when no appointment is required and a showing request can be immediately confirmed.

Appointment Required – this is when a confirmation must be obtained from you as the seller, your tenant and/or Listing REALTOR® before a showing may occur.

In both cases, you may choose to receive notifications.


Why is more than one REALTOR® showing my home at a time?

Your Listing REALTOR® can set up appointments to be “exclusive” or “overlapping”. An exclusive showing will allow only one REALTOR® and buyer in your home at a specified time. Overlapping showings will allow more than one REALTOR® and buyer to view your property at the same time.


Can I share showing appointments with a family member?

Yes, your Listing REALTOR® can add multiple people to your property information in ShowingTime so your family members can receive notifications for upcoming showings. An additional setting can also allow one or more family member to have the ability to confirm or decline showings.


What if I don’t want showings at a certain time?

ShowingTime allows REALTORS® to create appointment restrictions for specific days and times. This is known as “Setting an Appointment Rule”, which is anything that will change the normal outcome for confirming showings based on preferences set in the listing’s instructions.


Keep watching NewsReal and Matrix News & Alerts for more information about ShowingTime! For an archive of RAHB ShowingTime resources, click here.

How ShowingTime Notifications Work

ShowingTime, the showing appointments request system, will be integrated into RAHB Matrix on Wednesday, March 7, 2018!

To get ready for the launch, register for one of our three FREE training webinars on March 6, 7 and 8, 2018.

In the meantime, you may have some questions about how ShowingTime notifications work. We have compiled some frequently asked questions below so you can be prepared and have an extra resource on hand for the ShowingTime launch date:

How will I be notified of a showing request on my listing?

In your ShowingTime profile there will be a section titled “Listing Agent Preferences”. This is where you can select how you would like to be contacted for requests on your listings. These settings will be defaulted on all of your listings.

Showing Request Notification


What are my options for being notified in ShowingTime?

You have three options to choose from for ShowingTime notifications:

  • Email
  • Text Messaging
  • Push, which is a notification directly from the ShowingTime mobile app

You can choose one of these options, two or all three, depending on what best fits your preferences.


How do I enable text message notifications for myself?

At the top of your Profile under the “Profile Basics” section, you can enter your mobile phone number in the “Text Message” field. Then select “Long SMS” or “Short SMS”.

The “Short SMS” will provide a short, single text message with an external link you can click to see further information.

“Long SMS” will provide all of the ShowingTime notification information via text message (no external link), but be mindful that this information may span more than one text message.


What if my seller wants to be notified about requested showings?

A seller can be added to any listing under an “Appointment Required” appointment type. This allows sellers to be part of the selling process by either confirming requests or simply being notified of showings.

To add your seller, go to the “Listing Setup” tab and click “Add New Owner/Occupant”. Be sure to indicate the seller’s notification preferences for requests, confirmations and cancellations.

Do not forward your “Listing Agent” version of emails to your sellers; they have a separate template with limited access.


Why am I not receiving email notifications for my listings?

The most common reason why emails are not received is because they get caught in your spam/junk email filter. If this is the case, please make sure your email provider is not blocking inbound emails from ShowingTime. In addition, check to make sure that your email address is correct in your profile.


Keep watching NewsReal and Matrix News & Alerts for more information about ShowingTime! For an archive of RAHB ShowingTime resources, click here.