Six SIM Reports Now Available!

If you missed RAHB’s Statistics Information Management – or SIM – reports, you will be happy to know six reports are now available:

  • Residential Sales by Area
  • Residential Sales by Type
  • Residential Comparison Report
  • Commercial Sales by Area
  • Commercial Sales by Type
  • Lease Statistics

These reports will complement the statistical reports you can produce in Matrix under the Stats tab.


You can access SIM reports by:

  1. Using the link under Market Reports in Matrix:

Six Matrix SIM Reports

  1. Using the SIM icon on your dashboard at

SIM Icon

  1. Going directly to and logging in with your usual login credentials.


If you have any questions about the SIM reports, please get in touch with Valerie at the RAHB office – 905.529.8101 or

Upload your photo through

To have your picture appear with your listings on, you must upload your personal photo through

Here’s how:

  1. Go to
  2. In the top right-hand corner, where you see your name, click on your name for a drop down list.
  3. Choose My Profile.
  4. Click the Choose File button.
  5. Select the photo you wish to appear on from your personal files.
  6. Once the photo appears, click the “Save” button. profile photo


If you require assistance, please contact the MLS® Department at or 905.667.4650.

Remember: photos of the property only, please

When you load photos of your listed property, please be sure to include only photos that are specific to that property. You should not be including, for instance, photos of neighbourhood amenities, the park down the road or the beach two blocks away.

A good rule of thumb is that you can’t include photos of anything you cannot see from the listed property.

This is a requirement from CREA relating to acceptable multimedia links. CREA allows only property-specific information to be uploaded to, and that information is taken from the following fields in broker load:

  • Alternate feature sheet
  • Virtual tour URL
  • Sound bites
  • Sales brochure
  • Additional photos
  • Board preferred map service to locate property

Remember – if you can’t see if from the listed property, it shouldn’t used as a photo for your listing.

One bedroom plus den cannot equal two bedrooms – yet

We are aware that some members have expressed concern over limitations on marketing condominium properties with one bedroom plus a den that could be used as a bedroom.

In Fusion, it was possible to manually enter the number of bedrooms, and so a one-bedroom plus den property could be marketed as a two-bedroom property.

However, in Matrix the total number of bedrooms is calculated automatically by the system, based on the number of bedrooms listed under Rooms and Sizes. This information cannot be entered manually and a den will not be presented as a bedroom.

RAHB staff are currently reviewing different options available for how to market a one-bedroom plus den condominium as a possible two-bedroom; stay tuned for updates.

Default Report Change

You asked, and we answered! RAHB received a high number of requests from membership to change the default RAHB Matrix report display setting from “[NEW] REALTOR® Full One Page Report” to “REALTOR® Full”. This change has been implemented and is effective immediately.

The one page report will still be available for printing under the heading “[NEW] REALTOR® Full Printable (One Page)”, but your default view will be the larger-font-sized “REALTOR® Full Report”.

Thanks again for your feedback as we continue to improve and develop the reports in RAHB Matrix!

OREA Standard Forms Update

The 2018 OREA forms are now posted on the OREA website, as well as the document “OREA 2018 Standard Forms and Clauses Summary of Revisions” Your OREA login credentials will be required to access these links.

The three-part OREA Form 200 Listing Agreement: Seller Representation Agreement Authority to Offer for Sale will be available for sale in the Realty Shoppe early in the new year. Contact the Shoppe at or 905-529-5979 to place your order.

We will let you know when the 2018 OREA form updates are available on WEBForms™.

If you are interested in attending an in-class session about what forms have been updated and what’s new, check out the RAHB education calendar for the upcoming session: “2018 Forms & Clause Revisions Update”.

RAHB Matrix Tip: Entering Open Houses

Did you know that even though RAHB Matrix keeps a history of previous listing open houses, if you want to successfully book an open house, you must enter the date and time as a new open house record?

That’s right: if you want to correctly enter an open house in RAHB Matrix, make sure that you do not amend a previously entered open house, but create a new one. To do so, click on the “More” button at the bottom of your screen under the “Manage Open Houses” section.

Open House Graphic

You can also delete a past open house by clicking the “Delete” button under the “Manage Open Houses” section.

Once you have submitted your open house, click on the MLS® number that appears on the next screen to confirm that your open house has been booked correctly.

To verify you have taken the proper steps, check your display on the RAHB Matrix “REALTOR® Full” report – your open house details will appear below the photo. If your open house details do not appear on the “REALTOR® Full” report, the open house was entered incorrectly.

Listing Supplements – Use PDF Files Only!

Please be aware that all listing supplements (schedules, floor plans, etc.) should be uploaded in PDF format.  DOC files (Microsoft Word) are not recommended for this purpose because:

Security: PDF files are far less susceptible to manipulation than DOC files. For this reason, it is in your best interest to upload all supplemental documentation as PDFs (remember: you are uploading a legal document).

Data Sharing Issues: Several users have reported that supplements saved in DOC format are not accessible to ORTIS members via the data share.  The listing appears with the supplements icon, but when clicked, there is a message stating that no supplements are available.

Portability: PDFs will appear exactly the same on any platform (PC, Mac, etc.), where a DOC file may take on a different appearance depending upon how it is accessed.

As always, please feel free to contact the RAHB MLS® department with any further questions – call 905.667.4650 weekdays, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

How to Upload Photos in Matrix

After your listing has been submitted live to saved as incomplete in Matrix, you may add photos and/or supplements. To do so, follow the steps below:

1. From the Button Bar, click “Add/Edit Photos” to add listing photos.

2. Click the “Browse” button to locate the listing photos on your hard drive, then drag your cursor over multiple images (or CRTL and click individual images) to select the ones you would like to upload. For best quality, upload photos that are at least 1024 x 768 pixels.

Matrix Photo Upload 1,2

3. Once listing photos have uploaded, click any thumbnail to enlarge the image and add a photo description (optional). Click the “Done” link when finished, followed by “Save” on the button bar. Please note that thumbnails outlined in red indicate that the image dimensions are smaller than recommended.

Matrix Photo Upload 3

4. Click and drag the thumbnail, “Slot: [#]*] to reorder the photos as you would like them to appear in the listing. Please note that this currently only works in Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers.

5. Click “Saved” when complete.

6. From the Button Bar, click “Add/Edit Supplements” to add listing supplements (also known as “Attachments”).

7. Enter a “Supplement Description”, choose a “Supplement Type”, then click the “Browse” button to locate the listing supplement on your hard drive.

8. Click the “Upload” button to upload this supplement to the listing.

Matrix Photo Upload 7,8

9. Click “Save” when complete.

Matrix Photo Upload 9