Is Your System Compatible with WEBForms®?

Have you seen the new CREA WEBForms®? Before you start using the new and improved WEBForms®, make sure that your device meets the new system requirements. (Please note that the new WEBForms® is not compatible with the Microsoft Edge browser).

WEBForms® System Requirements

Operating Systems

Recommended operating systems:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows Vista Service Pack 2
  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1
  • Mac OS 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, or 10.10

Operating system that meets the minimum requirements:

  • Mac OS 10.6.8


Recommended browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 10 or 11
  • Safari 6, 7 or 8
  • Firefox latest version
  • Google Chrome latest version

Browsers that meet the minimum requirements:

  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Safari 5.1.10

If you have any difficulties or encounter an error on WEBForms®, please contact CREA Member Support at or 1.888.237.7945.

ShowingTime FAQs: What You Need to Know to Prepare for Launch on March 7, 2018

ShowingTime Logo

ShowingTime is coming to RAHB Matrix on Wednesday, March 7, 2018! Here are some questions we’ve received, and the answers – now everyone will know!


I am new to ShowingTime. Are any tutorials or training available online?

Yes! ShowingTime has many online and video tutorials that outline, step-by-step, how to use ShowingTime’s features. We recommend you start with the following:

Additionally, we have scheduled three half-hour ShowingTime Training Webinars! Click here to register.

If you can’t make the scheduled training sessions, a webinar recording will be posted so you can access it at any time.


How secure is lockbox and alarm code information in ShowingTime?

Showing instructions such as lockbox codes are very secure and kept behind a dual layer of security in ShowingTime:

1. Showing requests can only be made by REALTORS®.

2. The information in the “Access Information” and “Additional” instructions fields are not shared until confirmation is received from the listing REALTOR®.

3. Once lockbox and alarm code information is given out, the listing REALTOR® will be provided with a log of every showing REALTOR® that has been given access to the showing instructions in ShowingTime’s “Listing Activity Report”.


Can I submit a showing request directly to the seller and bypass the sales representative?

No. ShowingTime is a REALTOR®-to-REALTOR® scheduling tool.


Is there a handout I can give to my sellers explaining the benefits of ShowingTime?

Yes, we encourage you to download the Sellers Guide to ShowingTime and provide it to your clients so they fully understand ShowingTime.


Do I have to use ShowingTime for my listings?

We certainly encourage you to use ShowingTime, but ultimately, choosing to use ShowingTime is up to you.


Keep watching NewsReal and Matrix News & Alerts for more information about ShowingTime!

Matrix Real Estate Trend Indicator

Have you seen the Real Estate Trend Indicator report in Matrix?

This report provides information about the number of sales within defined price ranges, according to number of bedrooms:

Real Estate Trend Indicator

The average price of sales according to the number of bedrooms:

Market Trend Indicator Number of Bedrooms

And a range of days on market, and the number of properties sold in those date ranges:

Market Trend Indicator

You can find the Real Estate Trend Indicator under the Market Reports tab on your Matrix home page. Check it out!


New Residential Lease – Update!

Recently, the Ontario Government released a new standardized lease agreement for private residential leases which includes single and semi-detached houses, apartment buildings, rented condos and secondary units.

Effective April 30, 2018, all leases used by a landlord must be the new standardized lease. For any lease that is signed after this date that is not the standard lease, the tenant will have the right to ask the landlord for a standardized lease in writing. The landlord is required to provide one within 21 days of the request. If one is not provided, the tenant can withhold one month’s rent.

Flexibility is Key

When the Government announced they were creating a standardized lease, OREA worked closely with the Ministry of Housing and participated in their consultations. It was important for OREA to ensure that landlords and tenants be given some flexibility in the terms of the lease. The government responded by including “additional items” section in the standardized lease.

Impact on OREA’s Forms

OREA’s Standard Forms Committee will meet in the coming months to discuss what revisions will need to be made to the Association’s clauses and forms to accommodate this change.

For example, Form 400 – Agreement to Lease – Residential will be reviewed to ensure that any changes that are required will be made. In addition, all of OREA’s Standard Clauses related to residential leases will be reviewed for possible revisions. We will continue to keep you posted as OREA provides further updates in the coming weeks.

You can learn more about the new standard lease by visiting the Ministry of Housing’s website.

Residential Lease Forms

Lunch with the President

RAHB President Jack Loft had his fifth member lunch at the Powerhouse Restaurant in Stoney Creek with Abby Evans and Larry Paletta (Re/Max Escarpment Realty Inc.). Jack reports that Abby and Larry are very active members who want to see the Board raise professionalism in the Association and keep members informed of Board direction. They are happy with tech support through RAHB.

For your chance to have lunch with the RAHB President, email your name to!

Fifth Lunch with the President

ShowingTime is Coming to RAHB Matrix!

We are pleased to announce that on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 ShowingTime will be available in the RAHB Matrix system!

What is ShowingTime?

ShowingTime is an industry-leading showing request system that will allow REALTORS® to directly schedule a property showing when they are logged in to the RAHB Matrix system. ShowingTime will simplify the showing request and confirmation process, so both listing and Co-operating REALTORS® can work more efficiently.

What are the Benefits of ShowingTime?

For listing salespeople/brokers:

  • Generate property showing requests 24/7
  • Eliminate repetitive calls regarding property availability
  • Automatically notify your sellers about upcoming showings and feedback from those showings

For members showing listings:

  • Point and click/tap to request a showing 24/7
  • Control your showing schedule
  • Review showing instructions beforehand
  • Communicate more efficiently with listings brokers
  • Work on the go with the ShowingTime mobile app (download from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store)

Where Can I Learn How to Use ShowingTime?

Registration is now open for ShowingTime Training Webinars! We have three FREE half-hour webinars scheduled for the following dates:

Tuesday, March 6 (10 a.m.)

Wednesday, March 7 (11 a.m.)

Thursday, March 8 (2 p.m.)

[Click here to register]

If you can’t make the scheduled training sessions, a webinar recording will be circulated at a later date for your convenience. Watch for more information about Showing Time in the coming weeks – check NewsReal and Matrix News & Alerts for updates!

Lunch with the President

RAHB President Jack Loft had his fourth member lunch with Doug Tunis (Royal LePage State Realty). Jack reports that Doug came prepared and had many good ideas regarding professionalism in the real estate industry. For your chance to have lunch with the RAHB President, email your name to

RAHB Update – February 8, 2018

Did you know you will be voting on changes to the RAHB Bylaw at the Annual General Meeting Wednesday, March 28, 2018? To learn more about the changes and why they are important, watch this video update from RAHB President Jack Loft and CEO George O’Neill. Stay tuned for more updates from Jack and George – they will keep you informed!

New Matrix Report – Client View (Private Setting)

Client Full Private Setting

You asked and we answered!

RAHB members enquired about creating a Client Full Report that did not include the Listing Brokerage for the use of private one-on-one market evaluations. After consultations with RECO, we are happy to announce that you can now find this report in Matrix under [NEW] Client Full (Private Setting). However, before you start using this report, we caution you to fully understand its limitations:

You cannot use this report for advertising purposes

In order to comply with REBBA 2002 Advertising Guidelines, the [NEW] Client Full (Private Setting) Report cannot be used for advertising purposes. This includes open houses or any market evaluations and related information that are openly offered to the public by whatever means.

You may use this report for private evaluations

If you are meeting with a prospective client one-on-one in a private setting, you may use the [NEW] Client Full (Private Setting) Report as a consultation tool. RECO does not consider market evaluations offered to prospective clients in a private one-on-one setting to be advertising. Therefore, market advice offered in this limited context is acceptable. However, you must exercise caution when creating informational market evaluation reports to ensure all the information is true, clear, accurate and reliable. Further, you must be cautious about sharing any form of personal information that may be contained in MLS® data.


If you have any questions about the [NEW] Client Full (Private Setting) Report please contact our MLS® Department at (905)-667-4650 or

Provincial Budget Update from the RAHB Government Relations Committee

RAHB was invited to the Province’s pre-budget consultations on Monday, January 29, 2018.

Government Relations Committee Vice-Chair Margaret Reid represented RAHB, and made seven recommendations to benefit home buyers, the real estate market and REALTORS®:

1. Increase the first-time home buyer’s Land Transfer Tax Rebate to $6,000 to increase affordability for first-time buyers.

2. Replace the proposed mandatory home energy audits with a plan for voluntary, targeted retrofits.

3. Institute a first-time buyer down payment assistance program to help young people buying their first homes.

4. Provide a land transfer tax rebate as an incentive to seniors to “right-size” into a smaller housing unit to open up larger, family-sized homes for young families and first-time buyers.

5. Remove red tape and government policies that delay construction of new housing stock to encourage more home-building.

6. Permit REALTORS® to incorporate their businesses through a personal real estate corporation (Note: a bill is now awaiting public hearings).

7. Continue the review of REBBA 2002 so the Act can be updated to reflect the modern real estate market and to bring a higher standard of professionalism to the real estate industry.


GR RAHB Provincial Budget